How To Fix Modern Warfare 2/3

Modern Warfare 2 was a great game when it launched and I thought I would play it as much as Call of Duty 4. But within weeks of the games launch, areas of the game have been exposed making the game very annoying and very unbalanced. At this time I feel that the game can no longer be fixed and improvements need to be made on the next instalment instead of patching the existing game. Below are my personal opinions about what needs to be changed in the next game to make it a better experience.

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theonlylolking2966d ago

MW2 online was great when it first came out because everyone did not really know the game that well but then came the peeps who came up with marathon lightweight and commando with tac knife. That is when things started to go out of hand.

The game needs these 3 things taken out.

Danger close(no more explosive enhancers)
death streaks

ddelella2966d ago

You forgot to add:
1. Less power for the shotguns
2. No auto-shotguns
3. No noob-toobs
4. No one many army ammo refresh BS
5. Better sniping accuracy
6. No killed by direct impact BS

They would need to develop:
1. A way to detect boosters and hackers
2. Better spawn points (allowing picking like Halo Reach)

theonlylolking2966d ago

Auto shotguns exist so why should they not exist in a military game?

Grenade launchers in MW2 are weak unless you put on a explosive enhancer.

Shotguns are supposed to be powerful at short range which in Mw2 they are powerful at short range but since the maps are small you are always short range. All they need to do is make maps bigger.

Sniping is already very accurate. Are you talking about more realistic accuracy or perfect accuracy like dead on instant shots?

Killed by direct impact death is possible but most likely wont happen in real life. Most of the time no one gets a direct impact kill unless in hardcore or on last stand.

Hackers are way to smart. They will find a way to get undetected.

Boosters are annoying especially in team based gamemodes but they are not breaking the terms of service. They should include a booting system(not like the one in reach). It works by if half the players on the team vote to boot the person is kicked.

In halo reach you are only allowed to pick in invasion and big team slayer not all game modes. A game like COD will have to always have 2 changing spawn points to choose from because COD people are always running around and stuff.

tacosRcool2966d ago

Noob tubes are only evil in Hardcore (the only modes I play in which Noob tubing = fail, I hate people who use them). I agree where FMJ kills shouldn't be to damn hard