Resistance 3: What The First Screens Tell Us

After the first batch of Resistance 3 screens were leaked, NowGamer looks at them closely to find out what they mean for the game - The superb piece of artwork below shows a lone figure walking past a devastated statue of liberty, confirming that Resistance 3 will, in part, be set in New York. The level of destruction suggests the Chimera has fully occupied America, meaning the human race is at a disadvantage. We’d really like to see a realistic account of the human plight, with sparse colonies driven underground in an attempt to live under the rule of the Chimera oppressors."

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NAGNEWS2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

the last pic is not hale

he maybe will return at the end of R3 or in the 4th game

WildArmed2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Yeah.. ESPECIALLY since the caption said "Capelli and Lara" (i think it was lara.. don't really remember her name)


Now... where's my gameplay trailer INSOMNIAC :D

Btw, the game is ALSO set in St. Louis. (it's amazing what reading captions can tell you -.-)

Oh, and another thing:
Love interest is a huge stretch.

Resistance 1 had a female character, doesn't mean Hale feel in love with her (or vice versa)

And note:
Concept art is usually not depicting gameplay..
so it's a stretch to assume there will be a 'stealth' section based on a concept art.


Might be, but I'mma stick with Capelli.. mainly because he is already in the US.
And the finale of R2 really put him in the spot.
(And ofc the captions kept mentioning capelli :) I can't forget to take that into account)

fastrez2993d ago

Yeah gameplay trailer sooner than later please Insomniac

NAGNEWS2993d ago

i think he is James Grayson from Resistance: Retribution for the psp

Track1232993d ago

You can also clearly see Capellis scar on one screen.

sinncross2993d ago

Ppl must get over the Caption thing.

The person who uploaded these files had only uploaded a single file of the Joker from Batman AA.

For all we know he assumes its Capelli. I think its its Grayson.

That said, the final shot could be Hale... that blonde woman looks like


The woman from RR who turns into a Chimeria and is killed siimilar to Hale


darthv722993d ago

This game will be AWESOME! Such a visual upgrade from the original and it is being done on the same platform. Just goes to show that over time, improvements can be achieved regardless the hardware being the same.

That is a sign of good developers.

WildArmed2993d ago

Yes... lets forget about he captions

Because they fact that he GOT those screenies and uploaded them doesn't give him any credibility what so ever /s

TheFlyingPenguin2993d ago

2 things:

1) James Grayson is currently in Russia.

2) R3 takes place in New York, so no way in hell will it be Grayson.

FantasyStar2993d ago

I disagree about the "good developers" part. If Insomniac knew what they were doing, they'd nail the graphics with R2 and not intentionally hold back until the next game. They might be "good developers" in pushing tech, but one can argue that they're also greedy as well if they can't continuously come out with new or reinforced ideas.

I don't mean to trash Insomniac's good name as a whole, but it's no doubt that many were disappointed with R2, graphically and gameplay-wise.

ThanatosDMC2993d ago


"Forgive me sir, it was an honor."

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WildArmed2993d ago

And speaking of Resistance 3..
Anyone else wanting to see Stephen Cartwright again?
He was one of my favorite chars from Resistance: FoM (and the franchise)

MONOLITHICIDE2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

did anyone notice in the pic with the mech. legs chim. the little one in the back round jumping real high. Its by its left mech knee lol

Jamegohanssj52993d ago

No Hale? Are you serious? WTF!


gameraxis2993d ago

clearly the writer didn't play any of the Resistance games, "those thingy's on the backs of the enemies look like they could be some sort of jetpack..."

hey dummy (writer) they have a cooling apparatus strapped to them because when they are converted from human to chimera there body temperature was an imperfection in the conversion design... so they overheat basically, those "jet pack looking thingy's are their way of rectifying the flaw...

off topic, now how is it that this individual even get to TALK about resistance, either he played both and is just one of those jaded add fools who could care less about the actual story, or he didn't play either and thus doesn't have the credits to make any assumptions based on the leaked screens.... i love the idea of this site, its like one big perfect hub, but there needs to be better filtration, so when i look at the top of the page i don't see this garble of speculation and inaccuracies

FACTUAL evidence2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

You know what would be awesome? If they bring back Parker, and she's with you the whole time....Easy Co-op fun huh? XD

EDIT: BTW I hope Hale is still the main character. He's a freaking superhuman now, for those of you who know what I'm talking about, the ending of R2. Maybe that knocked some since into him and brought him back to reality.

FantasyStar2993d ago

I dunno about Hale, didn't he go crazy in the end?

plstcsldgr2993d ago

went crazy and got shot in the head. by Capelli.

Cenobia2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I would prefer to see him become a chimeran villain. Like the new spokes-demon (or whatever) that he killed in the last game. Being a superhuman takes the fear and overwhelmed feeling out of the game.

I want it to feel like the apocalypse. Like you're fighting to lengthen the lives of your fellow man, even if its only by minutes, knowing that the human race will more than likely be extinct in the near future. I'd love to play a game where it actually feels like you are almost always losing.

It should feel like a RESISTANCE. I would love to never play Hale again, even if he does show up at some point.

MNicholas2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

is at least God of War 3 technical performance.

SPU based MLAA would be a good start. In most cases, MLAA is equivalent to about 16xAA.

Vector based motion blur.

Better shaders and textures.


Actual in-game image from God of War 3 taken with a digital camera:

FantasyStar2993d ago

Vector-based motion blur is nearly the same thing as object-based motion blur and that's been in use since 2007 w/ Crysis and later games. Also you can't compare MLAA and 16xAA traditional since completely do different things to smooth out the edges. 16xAA computes the edges and applies a filter to the algorithm to smooth out the edges. MLAA isn't perfect either as the lack of a computized AA method leaves some edges left while others are smoothed out as a price of cutting performance.

Quincunx AA in KZ2 seems the most viable, despite the Vaseline-effect since most textures on consoles aren't all that high-res to begin with. For high-res based games like GoW3 and Uncharted, MLAA is fine, but with lesser games like the potential R3: I'd rather they just use traditional QAA like they did in the first R;FoM which did the job just fine unless you're sitting like 3 feet to the TV. At least the AA solution couldn't be any worse than the Dead Space's lack of AA while clearly showed on both Console Versions.

I'd even argue that trying to maintain Full 720p is more important than the traditional downgrading of resolution and using AA to fix up the picture. (Looking at you MGS4)

raztad2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

"but with lesser games like the potential R3: I'd rather they just use traditional QAA like they did in the first R;FoM which did the job just fine unless you're sitting like 3 feet to the TV"


what are saying dude? first of all, why are calling R3 "a lesser game"? WTF? R3 is a full AAA game, not a $9 PSN DLC.

Second, DEATH to QAA. I dont understand why you even think about using that piece of crap. QAA=vaseline all over the place. R:FoM is a horrible example considering how dated that game looks nowadays.

Third, MLAA is being used in LBP2, with outstanding results: (no MLAA) (MLAA)

also in KZ3 and it is already part of Sony SDK. MLAA in R3 is just a natural step.

theonlylolking2993d ago


MLAA might use different ways to smooth out edges but how well it AA is about as good as 16xAA.

moparful992993d ago

I dunno I like quincunx the textures they get out of it are remarkable but of course the blur effect is a negative. Was gow3 using QAA or MLAA? From where I was sitting the textures in that game were outstanding wit very little of the blur effect.. I assumed it utilized quincunx but i'm not positive...

raztad2993d ago

GoW3 uses MLAA, that is what MNicholas is saying. I can assure you dont like Quincux, it blurs all the image. One of the few games where QAA was used to good effect was KZ2, due to its atmosphere and heavy use of postprocessing. Still KZ2 textures were very blurred and that is one of the aspect KZ3 is improving upon using MLAA, as was already confirmed.

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andyo132993d ago

I haven't played R2 and it spoilt it for me!
actually it's my fault for being to busy being rich and not hearing the hype over how awsome i am

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paintsville2993d ago

This being the third edition of Resistance, it should really push the ps3 hard. I can't wait to see what the developers are able to pull off.

fastrez2993d ago

The visuals look really good. I wonder how they hold up in motion with tons of enemies around.

Always interesting to see how devs push tech boundaries.

Alcohog2993d ago

This is just concept art, no?

fastrez2993d ago

Not all of them mate, if you check online you can get some in-game shots. They look really impressive too :)

Alcohog2993d ago

Do you have a link? I can't recall ever seeing any official screens??

Rybnik2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

That is because these are leaked promo shots for print. They are obviously supersampled and higher rez than the actual game will be. Some are "screenshots" but, when seen ingame, they will be no where near as alias free as these are.

The first print shots for R2 were similarly really impressive. When the actual game shipped it was less so. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

The game itself is looking fantastic in mood and atmosphere though. Much more like the first game, and that is a good thing!

JustSomeLogic2993d ago

But its not ok to be not impressed by pre-release screen shots because the product isn't finished?
I'm just wondering how that works. For instance, we've seen alot of videos on GT5 and many are impressive and those that say that are met with high fives and bubbles. There are also some damage screenshots that look ridiculous, however nobody is allowed to say anything bad because you can't judge a game before its finished. Does this sound a tad hypocritical to anyone else?

Pennywise2993d ago

Give it a rest, would ya?

Do you think there is a set of rules or do you just ask questions to come off as childish?

Mr_Bun2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Funny you would mention "hypocritical" as you only seem to mention 2 PS3 exclusives and nothing about the consoles which tend to have an over-abundance of hypocrisy....Weird.

user83971442993d ago

Day 1 for me! Or maybe better midnight launch.

WildArmed2993d ago

I hope they do-do a midnight launch.
I wouldn't mind missing a final exam for this baby :)

Liquid_Ocelot2993d ago

Not "doo-doo" ..oh wait! Aw shit xD

Kingdom Come2993d ago

I can't wait for this title.