US Congress trying to censor Internet

“Just the other day, President Obama urged repressive regimes around the world to stop censoring the Internet. But at the same time, the United States Congress is hatching a plan to censor the Internet here at home. A new bill being debated this week would instruct the Attorney General to create an Internet blacklist of sites that US Internet providers would be required to block.”

Here we go again! It seems like the crooked, self-serving politicians in the US Congress are up to their usual dastardly deeds. They can’t be bothered with getting the economy back on track or getting people back to work. This time they are trying to censor the Internet.

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ZombieAutopsy2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

there goes freedom of speech people which includes i believe free press.


Yea it does seem that way, but with insufficient leadership thats what happens.

NYC_Gamer2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

freedom of speech has been dead in north america

Double Toasted2945d ago

How is freedom of speech dead? Is it because someone says something retarded and they think people aren't going to respond to them. Or do they think they have the last word on what they're so vocal about? Please, people who say freedom of speech is dead, are the cowards who back down after they say something controversial. As a matter of fact, the people that back down from what they actually said are the ones hurting freedom of speech.

Active Reload2945d ago

DoubleToasted, you hit the nail on the head. Well said xD

Shackdaddy8362945d ago

So they let us burn the flag and allow the KKK to march up and down the streets but they wont let us look at a certain website?

Stupidity at its finest....

No worries though, supreme court will surely strike it down inna second as long as someone testifies against it.

tacosRcool2945d ago

Thats why democrats suck. Obama is a total hypocrite. Looks like election time things might change. Hopefully even the next politicians in office won't want to censor anything else

KillerPwned2945d ago

I agree and can only pray to god things change are country is in need of so much help now.

vickers5002945d ago

Yeah, we need another Bush to fix things for us.


tacosRcool2944d ago

Bush made many things better than when Clinton was in office. Because of Clinton we had 9/11. And then because of the Democrats taking control of Congress in 2006 we have a failing economy which paves the way for them to win the presidential election because everybody blames Bush for everything. Then we get Obama who blatantly lies in your face promising things that you know will never come true and yet you still believe. The democrats want a socialistic democracy like the ones found in Europe and you can't call those democracies because they limit so many freedoms that democracy is founded upon. I don't like it when people praise people for the wrong reasons.

ABizzel12945d ago

To be honest it needs some order, there are so many fools on the internet that it needs to be handled.

There are tons of hate crimes going on everyday on the internet, and things far worse and it's about time someone does something about it.

The internet is great, but it has also let people let loose their full stupidity so the world can see it, and I truly believe if you post something on the internet that's against the law in everyday life you should be held responsible for it.

That being said the main people that should be censored from the internet are children. They are many times the culprits of these acts, and are unintentionally accepting illegal behavior as normal.

Using racial slurs and lying or bad mouthing a person is a hate crime and slander.

Throwing puppies in a river is animal cruelty.

Fighting is against the law and battery.

Having sex in public is indecent exposure.

And all these things and more are available to everyone to see, by clicking on a simple message asking if you're 18 or older. Both parents and the government need to do a better job with their kids.

People these days are just insane, and many of them need to be locked up in a prison or asylum.

batterystrength2945d ago

But on the internet you are free to choose wheter you watch those things or not. No one forces you to click the link. There are many good and many bad things (and many many very odd things) on the internet, but you are free to choose what you consume. When we censore those things, they are simply not there anymore and people can't argue if they are right or wrong. It is as if someone would decide for you what is good and what is bad. For children this should be the case, but it should be the duty of their parents to watch over their internet habits and not the duty of the government.

Freedom of speech means that everybody is free to say and write what he/she thinks, or even post a video of him/herself throwing puppies in a river; it doesn't matter if you agree with it or not.

"if you post something on the internet that's against the law in everyday life you should be held responsible for it."

You are absolutely right, even the internet has its rules, but censorship would do the opposite. It would simply hide those things and do as if they had never existed. Censorship doesn't make the bad things dissapear, it just prevents you from seeing them.

ABizzel12943d ago

Having a child watch pornography is illegal and access to it is easy for any child thanks to the internet.

That's a government problem whether anyone thinks it is or not.

Censorship is coming, sooner or later. And somethings need to be censored, I know some teens will be upset if porn leaves (lol), but some other things need to be censored.

Cloudberry2945d ago

The Patriots want to control the digital flow of information.

MsmackyM2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Lol Bubs for you man.

darkdoom30002945d ago

Kojima! you predicted it!

Oil crisis in MG2
Unlocking genome in MGS
Patriots in MGS2

next up....
PMC's going big in MGS4.

Focker-4202945d ago

I'll be getting the hell out of america as soon as I possibly can. I absolutely hate this f*cking nazi regime of a society.

DasTier2945d ago

and go where? Europe's a bag of shite, I can't wait to leave here

Count2945d ago

Not all of Europe is ''shite''.

Letros2945d ago

You will miss Wal-mart.

QSPR2945d ago

LOL... wow Wal-mart :S the place ppl use to hang out!

e-p-ayeaH2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Japan is the coolest country is this dam planet (at least for a gamer)

specialguest2945d ago

Sure it's cool at first, until you realize that you will always be considered a foreigner for the rest of your life.

specialguest2945d ago

Canada seems like a nice place to

SuperStrokey11232945d ago

Its really great if you dont mind our high taxes. Its awesome other than that up here. Except our internet is a bit behind and netflix kinda sucks compared to the US one lol.

Philoctetes2945d ago

If you think the United States is a f*cking nazi regime that doesn't support free speech, you're in for an eye-opening experience when you move elsewhere.

feelintheflow2945d ago
How someone could say that is beyond me. Although if he feels that way, then get the F out.

feelintheflow2945d ago
So I guess you wont have to worry about having a big list of places to move when go to choose one.

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Dellis2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

They own the internet, why shouldn't they censor it?

CimmerianDrake2945d ago

Tell me you didn't just say something THAT stupid? I would say that you're the product of the American public education system, but that would an insult to the American public education system. Good god man, I can't believe I've seen the most idiotic, ill-informed, utterly moronic comment known to exist.

Allow me to answer your question with your question. You own your brain, why aren't you using it?

Rourker2945d ago

an organization called ICANN and a few other organizations control the internet protocols and a couple are still under the control of the US government, but as of sept 30 2009 ICANN ended the agreement they had between them and the US government.

so he was almost right.

CimmerianDrake2945d ago

Like anyone really cares if it's not gaming news. It's related to gaming news in that gaming news could potentially be black listed by the government for promotion of violent imagery in an interactive medium. You already have seen that the government is willing to blame games for every problem known to man right?

And this effects N4G as a website. So it's relevant. I had a feeling someone would post a stupid comment like "not gaming news" but I hoped against hope that no one would. *Sigh*

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