3DJuegos: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow represents an excellent reboot of the saga, with a huge diversity in the gameplay, scenarios, enemies and situations. With nice graphics and immersive soundtrack, fans from the Konami's franchise will be pleased with this long hack'n slash adventure. A must have.

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shammgod3338d ago

Another good one. Can't wait for this. I am glued to these damn reviews

ranmafandude3338d ago

i want a japanese developer not western that's how i see it. i also wished it was 2d too.

poopface13338d ago

why not support them when they make a good game.

Sure it may cater more toward westerners too, but at least it is a good game unlike most that do this. Quantum theory anyone??

To me Japan's devs are no different then the rest around the world, make a good game and ill give it a chance.

Also, they just made a 2d castlevania so I dont see why your still complaining but maybe you dont have a 360? It'll probably come out on PSN soon tho.