GC 2007: FIFA Interactive World Cup Exclusive to PS3

Sony has signed a deal with Electronic Arts and FIFA to be the official partner for the FIFA Interactive World Cup, which kicks off this October. The announcement means that players from 25 countries from around the world can compete to be the world's number one player over PlayStation Network, as well as real-world FIWC 08 qualifying events scheduled to take place in the coming months.

Lightning Mr Bubbles6181d ago (Edited 6181d ago )

Sony let football get away from then, but not Soccer. And it happends to be I like Soccer more than Football.

If you like Soccer, it seems like PS3 is a good choice.

Andronix6181d ago

I dont understand what your saying! You said Sony let football get away but not soccer. Football is Soccer isnt it? Wot Not?!

Either way online FIFA/PES could really take off.

Lightning Mr Bubbles6181d ago

But Soccer is the worlds most popular sport. So you can't underestimate how important it is to have a good soccer game.

Cartesian3D6181d ago (Edited 6181d ago )

most people in US think that MADDEN is the most popular sport game in the WORLD .. just lol ..

in my country, ppl dont know what the F*** is MADDEN .. or Football has another meaning than soccer..

FIFA and PRO Evolution are the most popular games here.. and most people have at least one version of them .. ( me : FIFA 98&2000&2005,Pro 5 & 6 )

ALIEN6181d ago

I agree! Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. SONY has made a good move. Good move SONY, that was smart.

heroman7116181d ago

u guys still think they biased torwards ps3 ?
i doubt it now

Bordel_19006181d ago (Edited 6181d ago )

Nah, they're biased towards the mighty dollar, that's what ;)

Edit: I know you meant biased against the PS3.

Football games are the best sports games in my book. Football would be Soccer to many of you.

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Cheeky Gamer5047d ago

PS1/PS2 - PES by far
360/PS3 - FIFA by far

I can't see that changing until the next generation of consoles.

presto7175047d ago

Fifa 10 was good, but have you seen Fifa 11? NOt that much of a step up from 10. Pro Evo 2010 was not that good, but so far, what I've seen of Pro Evo 2011 blows anything and everything Fifa out of the water.

Pro Evo is back to reclaim the number 1 spot.