GC: Halo 3 Singleplayer map 'Tsavo Highway

InsideGamer has released an off-screen gameplay video of the Halo 3 singleplayer map 'Tsavo Highway, shown and playable at the Games Convention in Leipzig.

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Jdash244166d ago

damn.........why does this game still have to be a month away : (

closedxxx4166d ago

Damn... why does this site have to post duplicate stories?
No wonder they turn over 3-4 pages of "news" per day. For everyone that missed the SAME video a few links down... here ya go

Monty_The_Great4166d ago

a recently duplicated story, with the exact same video. Nice.

xboxloc4166d ago

ddddaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn those graphics look killin. just what and see how it look on your hdtv in your living room.did i hear 1080i/1080p

Zhuk4166d ago

the game is looking top notch right now, i'm very impressed with the improvements

MastaGT4166d ago

Man oh man, it truly is the good life for us gamers right now...well 360 gamers that is
Man just gimme
-Midnight Club: LA
-Halo 3
and im set, screw other titles, in my opinion these are the ones im looking forward to most...
after I get these, and with my new bioshock, im set for college baby, nothing but gaming bliss with my girlfriend everynight, after...our own playtime *wink* *wink*

Next Generation is here: A BAY BAY A BAY BAY
Sony eat your heart out
360 = True HD

closedxxx4166d ago

It was almost believable until you said you had a girlfriend...
After that, I'm writing the whole thing off as fiction

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