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Leaving Frank West in the past, you now control Chuck Greene. Zombie Slayer by day and grief stricken father by night, Chuck joins Fortune City’s zombie killing game show, Terror Is Reality, to raise money for his infected daughter’s daily dose of Zombrex – the leading medication for temporarily halting your loved one's transformation into the undead. Not everyone is happy about the killing of ‘innocent’ zombies, however, and soon the pen that keeps the horde under control is opened, leading Fortune City to ruin. And so begins your mission to clear your name, save your daughter and repeatedly pummel dead flesh…

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Baltis3338d ago

I agree it's not the best game in the world. It gets boring rather quickly and doesn't hold my interest much. But, with that said, no game really can. Games are boring, by and large, and they all have the same general make up that holds them back. That being repetitiveness. This game is no different than RDR, GOD OF WAR 3 and UNCHARTED 2. They all have you doing the same thing over, and over, and over, and over again. Their core mechanics are used so much that the games become stale long before they end. And this is why short games are always better than long ones. You don't feel tired out by the boring nature of their repetitiveness.