Gundam: Operation Troy scans

After a rather disapointing unveiling earlier this year, Gundam: Operation Troy is now back with these 2 pages scans in the latest Famitsu Weekly. Unless sees it wrongly, this game looks much better than before.

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Wotbot5037d ago

Nice scans, looks as good as the PS3 Gundam game.

TheMART5037d ago

I would even say the lightning seems to be better done in these pic's 360 version but I guess we'll have to wait till some ingame footage of both versions appear

Schmitty075036d ago

I thought it was called Mobile Ops: The One year War.

If it is it looks a lot better than earlier

ImTheNumber125035d ago

Are the ps3 and the 360 gundam games 2 different games? i haven't really been keeping track. What I do notice about the 360 one though is it has that battlefield/mechassualt look to it that is very appealing. It may be the next-gen mechassualt that I am waiting for.