Is The Nintendo 3DS Too Expensive?

Nintendo has priced the Nintendo 3DS, its 3D-glasses-free portable, at ¥25,000. That is the equivalent of US$298. Forget the crummy exchange rate for a moment, because the pricing could be different for the West.

The real question is how the Nintendo 3DS stands up to the pricing of other Nintendo handhelds.

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George Sears2941d ago

I want this but I'll wait until the price reduces and maybe a better version will show up just like they have done with the DS. I am a patient man this gen.

Cloudberry2941d ago

I'll probably do the same thing.

At worst...

Some gamers would also waited for the inevitable (?) pirated version, unfortunately... : /

Theoneneo812941d ago

Last I check they never Confirmed the US price the US Price is usually 90 percent of the time cheaper than what the actaull converted price is.
the Max I see the 3DS being is 250 but I doubt that If Nintendo learned from what sony did with the psp go people dont want a 300 portable hand held system.

darthv722941d ago

The early adopters are the ones who dont care about the price. They just want the unit. I myself would like to get one when it first comes out but like others, I can bide my time with my DSi (which I DID go get at launch).

Tempting as it is...I must refrain. If I was able to wait a little for the PS3, I can wait a little for the 3DS. Just a little...

CobraKai2941d ago

There is no doubt that they will have a better version with more features. I want one badly but after the DS and all it's iterations, the smart thing to do is to wait.

WildArmed2941d ago

Imo, yes it is.
It's not about justifying the price.. I know the tech is expensive.
It's just not financially viable for me.
It'd be like buying a HD console all over again D:
(man those really hit the budget hard!)

I'll just wait until they released the 3DS-lite etc etc so that the orignal becomes cheaper

OneSneakyMofo2941d ago

$250 for a handheld... when I can get a Wii for $50 less or a PS3 for the same price if I wait on a deal? Heck, I could even buy a 360 if I didn't have an already dead one sitting in my living room.

Or I could buy 4-5 games on Amazon.

They are asking DOUBLE the price of the old DS. That's ridiculous.

tacosRcool2941d ago

Nom nom nom hungry for money!

You can buy a lot of stuff for that price!

FishCake9T42941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

A 3D handheld with a touch screen!!!
How much does a 3D TV cost?

rwarner1742941d ago

It doesn't work quite as well as a 3dtv.

blodulv2941d ago


5" screen vs. 52" HDTV that plays Blu-ray and PS3 games.

$250-$300 for a handheld just isn't a great deal, no matter what the new tech is imo. Rather have a full console for $50 more.

I will say though that I think the 3DS has some awesome games in the pipeline.

GuruStarr782941d ago will probably be 250 here in the states.

despair2941d ago

normally its more expensive in Japan but even at $250 there's no way I would buy it especially considering Nintendo's track record of releasing new versions of the DS every year will probably continue for the 3ds

NYC_Gamer2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

everyone who thought the PS3 was too expensive should feel the same way about this new handheld...

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The story is too old to be commented.