How console development reflects Mac gaming

While Mac users are still waiting for Madden NFL 08 and likely will be until September at the earliest, the football game has arrived for the newest console systems, and there's a dispute about the performance difference between the game's PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. The Xbox 360 version runs at twice the frame rate-60 frames per second versus 30.

The issue provides some interesting insight into the development processes used to make these games, and should serve as a warning to Mac gamers who may be expecting too much, too soon, from new entrants into the Mac game market, like EA.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

But who here gives a crap about Mac? This is just another story to be able to mention that PS3 runs Madden 08 at 30FPS. XBOX 360 fans can hear that a million times. It never gets old to them. Infact if they could, they would tell the whole world.

Kholinar4166d ago

I care, but not about Gaming on the Mac. I just like to come home to my Mac or Linux PC and not have to worry about virii, spyware, etc. since I work securing and fixing people's computers all day. It's a great feeling. I could care less what games run on it.

So yeah...

Syko4167d ago

"All the performance differences between versions of Madden illustrate is that EA itself isn’t as far along in refining its PlayStation 3 development tools as it is with its Xbox 360 tools. Given the huge lead time enjoyed by the Xbox, it’s no surprise. Over time, I’m certain that the two platforms will work on parity with each other. I’m also fairly confident that eventually the PS3 will see an edge."

If you take out the fanboyism on both sides, I think both sides agree on this. My only thing sitting on the 360 side right now, is I wonder how long this will take and if it will come soon enough to turn heads of the average gamer. Still a great point and something us Hardcore geeks already know. Nothing really new information wise, But a well thought out and non-fanboyish article for once =)

Like a shadow I am4167d ago

Just want to say, Mac sucks in gaming!

Satanas4167d ago

is "How console development reflects Mac gaming"; I assume the change was an attempt at getting more hits.

CourtesyFlush4166d ago

but talk about a prime example of a lower install base getting shafted.

I'm in advertising and have been using a Mac almost since their inception, so the idea of gaming improving on Apple's platforms is welcome news. In fact, I believe GoW is actually being released for Macs. As a current ps3 owner, that's great as I can look to (what I think) must be a fantastic game.

Plus, if games such as Madden or GoW can also run on my 17" Powerbook (though I doubt it), talk about a good time on my next layover or cruising at 30,000 feet... beats any inflight movie.

Bolts4166d ago

Mac gaming? LOL!! The Mac's gamging issue isn't the same as Madden on the Xbox 360 vs PS3. Its more like the Xbox 360 vs Gamecube. The Mac despite it's cost is generations behind the PC in terms of gaming hardware.

Kholinar4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

Not in hardware, it's on the level with anything out there. Just in gaming support.

If you think that there's PC hardware out there that makes the 8-core Xeon Mac Pro with an Nvidia Quatro FX 4500 and 16gb of ram look like a gamecube, you're ignorant.

So yes, it's exactly the same issue. Poor developer support, and the tools to create them are out there and easy to use.