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MGRogue20172945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Okay, enough now.. 100% Confirmed. xD

dkblackhawk502945d ago

Yep! 100%!!! I can't wait for this!

aceitman2945d ago

weapons and little changes and the sad part is it will be on sale for those who couldnt afford the higher priced cases

nikkisixx22945d ago

i thought it was officially announced yesterday

DirtyLary2945d ago

I'll wait for tomorrows 101% official confirmation. 100% is iffy.

matrix2012945d ago

Give me a hell yeah!!! Judging from this, it is going to be aaaaaaaawesome :D

shepowy2945d ago

Zombies! Hurray! I liked the zombie mode in World at War and the one for Black Ops will probably be just as good, though i think Rockstar might have stolen some of Treyarch's thunder by announcing their zombie DLC for Red Dead Redemption.

dkblackhawk502945d ago

Going to be killer! Can't believe it was announced on a Wednesday..after Bobby's accusations

theonlylolking2945d ago

Its because Bobby made a fool of himself on monday so they had to make it up by confirming zombies.

CovertGunman2945d ago

So excited for this! I've been waiting for months for them to finally officially announce it.

Kingdom Come2945d ago

How many of these arrives are we going to get?
Tomorrow we'll be getting told it's "101% Confirmed" then "102% Confirmed"...
Whilst I'm happy to have "Nazi Zombie's" returning, I hate the fact it's more money for the Grubby Scum Bag that is Kotick...

Baka-akaB2945d ago

the way it's going , they'll do a spin off about zombies , if it keeps being the most popular feature of their games

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The story is too old to be commented.