360 Magazine: Why Reviews Are So Misunderstood

360 Magazine: We couldn’t help but laugh the other day when someone on a popular news aggregation site tried to propagate a story aimed against our online sister publication, NowGamer, using the 0.2 score difference between our Xbox 360 review for Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow and that of the site’s PlayStation 3 review...

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Ahasverus3337d ago

Did we caused this? O.o

WildArmed3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

believe it or not.
N4G is the cause of all things that happen in the gaming industry :D lol

Who got Cole back? we did.
Who casues massive uproar about the stupidest things? We do.

All in all, it's just another day at work :D

HDgamer3336d ago

No N4G didn't. The 1000 page forum thread on Infamous 2 website did,

WildArmed3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

but most of them were from n4g :D

I mean where else can u get 40 articles in one week bashing on the new Cole?
Constantly reminding you how much you hate/should hate the new look.
Eventually breaking you down and sending you to the infamous forumz for a massive outburst @ Sucker Punch?

Yup, all in a good days work alright.

(btw I hope someone is getting what I'm doing here D:)

LightofDarkness3336d ago

Heh, yeah, it's pretty funny how much our bat-shit insane opinions matter to the higher ups at these places. I just wish Bobby Kotick would read the comments section one day...

Brklynty13336d ago

Theyre talking about N4G? lol somebody got the link to the article?

units3337d ago

360 magazine Reviews are opinions. If a magazine is a good one, a review is opinion backed by a wealth of knowledge, experience and due diligence by an ‘expert’ on the subject having played through enough of the game (ideally finished it) to justify that opinion.

Jdoki3336d ago

Very well said.

Most journalists are hacks of one kind or another; or in the pocket of a publisher.

There are few credible journalists in this industry.

SamBandah3336d ago

I agree since units was quoting the 360 magazine article :)

oguzsasi3337d ago

Theres no real gamer reviewers in those big companies. Like IGN, like Gamespot...

You cant review a game if you havent played a month. They get the games 1 month before its release. And they just played 1 or 2 days then they write reviews. Well in my opinion its wrong. I belive most of them played those games with their Cocacolas and chips with their friends. Not a good setup man! I dont trust anyone! And those scores!? Wow!

9/10 is ok but what the hell is 10/10!?
I newer understand that!

mastiffchild3336d ago

I've just come to the conclusion , lately, that review scores-or the industry obsession that calls into question the integrity of our writers(just look at Gerstmann affair and similar back to the Driv3r farce)-have become a bit of a cancer within gaming.

Personally, I fail to see the point of aggregating scores from mags and sites that use different systems(10/10, 5/5,percentages and so on or even, like Famitsu, use multiple reviewers)and even use different ranges within said systems(like Edge might use 1 through 10 while other siters never score below a 6/10 and so on)-how do we get an average that means anything?

Also, a score means little to us as gamers if the points were knocked off for something we, personally, don't have a problem with-it's in the words where you find out what the game has that you may or may not like. Not in the number at the end.

Perfect scores and perfect games is another issue but also one that shows we can't agree on anything to do with game review scores and again points to them being more of a pain than of any use at all.

Finally(though I COULD go on and on), the fact some sites are scared to give games below a "safe seven" has led to a lot of games, far from perfect, mgbetting scores that suggest they might be purely because some boig awful attempts get 7/10 and the writers still have to differentiate a step up in class whan a game that's some good lands. ~Good gamews are all squeezed into 8,9,10/10 when, really, 5/10 should be an "ok" game leaving the rest of the range clear to show some point in the scoring.

As we won't get them all using the same system or range isn't it best to ask for the scores to just stop(unlikely too, mind)or to just ignore them, find a reviewer or two that tend to share our own gaming views and actually read the words instead? Words are just better for this than a, sometimes, arbitrary number tagged on at the end. Bloody Metacritic.

OtherWhiteMeat3336d ago

If 0.2 makes you decide not to purchase a game, you have a serious problem.A good demo is what usually is my deciding factor before purchasing.I like to be my own critic.

Convas3336d ago

"I like to be my own critic."

There are very few life-forms who still think like this, +Bubbles.

Jdoki3336d ago

I agree, it's great to form my own opinion.

I'd have missed out on a load of amazing games if I had listened to reviews.

However, reviews have their place. Not every game gets a review - and not all demo's are a true reflection of the game (Valkyria Chronicles springs to mind). I like to get the opinion of others, friends, media, whatever to help me decide where to spend my money when I'm on the fence about a product.

lordgodalming3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

"I'd have missed out on a load of amazing games if I had listened to reviews."

I would have missed out on Nier, which was surprisingly awesome.

Edit: Ironically, it was a review on RPGFan (a comparatively small site) that got me interested in that game.

Convas3336d ago

Holy Crap!

People are actually paying attention to the foolishness here on N4G?!??! It's worst that I thought.

But the article is right. This whole review process is becoming a massive problem and I think that eventually, the whole concept will need to be either scrapped or reworked.

You see, why is it not possible for a review to simply state the author's opinion of the game and say, I didn't like it or I did like it and get on with it, why must we use numbers?

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