GamePro: Front Mission Evolved Review

GP: Outsourcing. Though the word usually evokes images of American jobs getting shipped overseas, the gaming industry has its own unique twist on this economic trend. Japanese companies are looking to the West for inspiration, and Front Mission: Evolved is their latest experiment. In order to appeal to Western audiences, Square Enix placed one of its oldest franchises, Front Mission, in the hands of California-based Double Helix Games -- a studio known for previously binging its Western flair to Konami's iconic survival horror franchise with 2008's Silent Hill: Homecoming.

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Blaster_Master2939d ago

I didn't even need a review to know that this game was gonna be garbage. Seriously, im getting sick of this gens rushed out mentality.

fossilfern2939d ago

i know seeing this score i wasnt supprised at all. Its a shame because I loved Front Mission, FM3 was the best imo now they have fucked it all up :(

Thoreau2939d ago

touch eastern games....

jc485732939d ago

and Silent Hill. Fcuk double helix and climax for ruining the series.

AllroundGamer2939d ago

it seems like Square Enix likes to loose money and fans...

Studio-YaMi2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

it was doomed to suck though
since it got off it's roots to go into an Armored core wannabe..

I miss the old Front mission :(

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