The Married Gamers writer Loren Nikkel says what we have all been feeling but just couldn't find the words to say regarding spoilers.

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Z13_TMG3337d ago

Spoilers are no big thing to me. If I run across one, I don't get too bent out of shape over them, but I like the idea that the author brings here. Spoilers don't need to be plastered all over the place within hours of a release. Maybe a couple of months to even longer, if at all.

ITLoo3337d ago

I think it's unfair for those of us who don't buy the day of the release. I will eventually play the game, but don't want it spoiled. I'm afraid about what is going to happen with all the big October releases. I don't want them all ruined for me before I play them.

VoodooHack3337d ago

I agree that some people spoil anything just to grief for some Beavis & Butthead-like gratification. And since we're smack in the age of Facebook and Twitter and blogs and RSS feeds where it's so easy to broadcast yourself, spoilers are hard to avoid.

I have a co-worker that will get upset for "spoilers" on movies that released in the 80's. What's the acceptable statute of limitations on spoilers?

Z13_TMG3337d ago

Pfft.... for movies/tv series? Probably a couple of months after release on DVD.

Games? Maybe by the sequel, if no sequel then maybe a year?

Books? (Harry Potter comes to mind): A few months, get to the library already. ;)

ITLoo3337d ago

I agree with the sequel idea. It's hard to watch a trailer for the sequel without it being spoiled. As far as tv shows, I think of Lost, and how it would take you many months to get through all 6 seasons.

Someone needs to invent a spoiler filter so people like me can avoid stumbling across game-ruining information.