Antec's LanBoy Air case is perfect for hardcores

Antec today has released a new, interesting concept case aimed directly at power gamers and pro computer users who want maximum flexibility. The LanBoy Air looks like an ordinary case when constructed, but can actually be pulled apart and constructed into a number of high-airflow configurations.

The stock configuration of the case sees Antec supplying you with five 120 mm fans – two on the front, two on the side and one on the back – but this can easily be upgraded to 15...

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ATi_Elite2942d ago

NO the hell it isn't.

Your better off placing your Mobo, PSu, and HDD on a rubber mat in front of a box fan than wasting $220 on this dust magnet.

For $199 just get a HAF X and have no worries.

Faelan2942d ago

So Caterpillar decided to start making PC cases? Neat...