Scared to open the package: adventures in game writer bribery

ARS: One of the best perks of my job is the ability to play games before they come out, and of course I get copies sent to my door. It's not a bad deal. Most of the time the games come in nondescript boxes containing nothing more than the game, or sometimes just a disc and a press pack, but there are other times when quite a bit more is sent.

Companies are constantly getting creative when they send things along with their games, hoping to wring another post out of news-starved blogs, or to get the attention of the writer, or sometimes just to straight-up bribe the reviewer. This leads to weird, unexplainable, and sometimes quite expensive things showing up with the game. This is just a short list of some things that have been sent, or offered, to those who write about the games we play.

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Why o why2966d ago

some people will brush this aside as nothing or a perk. I feels its much more. A press pack will do...obviously a pack of rotting meat isnt an incentive, unless you're a wolf, but some of the othe...lets say gifts are unethical imo