Game Informer - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Review

GI: If you thought Guitar Hero had already jumped the shark, Warriors of Rock is akin to hopping in a hot rod, revving the engine, and jumping through a flaming hoop over a school of mega-sharks. Warriors of Rock welds the series’ familiar gameplay to action game elements like elaborate cutscenes and character transformations. Now, instead of just selecting your character and plowing through setlists, you must go through custom sets created for GH characters old and new, earning a ludicrous numbers of stars to unlock their new “warrior” forms.

Pretty soon, good old Lars Umlaut is a giant death metal pig with pierced nipples, Casey Lynch is a half-snake woman, and Johnny Napalm is...a punk rock version of Nightcrawler from X-Men? Sure! This is about as over-the-top as it gets, and it’s topped off with a paper-thin plotline about defeating some giant beast with your axe of rock (Brütal Legend anyone?) with narration by Gene Simmons of KISS.

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