Edge - Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Review

Edge: For Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula, first impressions were the secret to ensnaring his prey. Luring in the vulnerable with an innocuous appearance, the Count was a master of mimicry, and so too is MercurySteam’s take on the Castlevania legend in 3D.

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movements2966d ago

Edge gives you an eight, you're a great game.

clank5432966d ago

One of the only reviewers left that thinks 5 is average, 3 is bad, and 7 and above is great. Too bad more sites don't do that.

Downtown boogey2966d ago

5 should indeed be average. The review system is messed up.

gamerdude1322966d ago

Second! And I want this GAME!!! Stop tempting me, you retarded jerkfaces. I'll get you guys very soon...

What was I talking about?

AhmadVGArabia2966d ago

and how they review games, even though sometimes I don't agree with them. Great review for a great game.

deafwing2966d ago

that's not bad ... it reallys seems like this is the best 3D outing for the series

nycredude2966d ago

Not bad from Edge but damn reading that review cost me some brain cells. I think they try to be too fancy with their writing using big words that does not make sense in their context.

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