DailyVania (9/28/10): What happened to IGA's Symphony of the Night sequel?

Rely on Horror writes: " It was at TGS 08’ where Konami showed off a trailer for a new Castlevania title, which seemed to star Alucard. The title has since, slipped under the radar. With Lords of Shadow taking the spotlight completely, leaving one to wonder, what happened to this game? Will it ever see the light of day? Let us speculate."

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nefertis2943d ago

Konami probably saving it as a last resort, just like SE with ffvii these games should have been out already.

lodossrage2943d ago

Remember, Konami took Castlevania away from him and gave the development over to mercury steam and endorsed by Kojima. He might feel a bit slighted

tinybigman2943d ago

i do believe he'd would feel slighted, and its konami fault they never gave him a big budget to make a solid 3D game.

lodossrage2943d ago

They gave him next to nothing of a budget to make those games. And this is the man that's been making castlevania games since nintendo no less.....

NYC_Gamer2943d ago

i'll be waiting til the end of time....

Natsu X FairyTail2943d ago

They'll make it on 3DS in 2 years.

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The story is too old to be commented.