Criterion "earned their right" to develop an NFS title

Burnout developers, Criterion feel that they have earned a shot at the Need for Speed franchise, which, they think, is the greatest racing series ever.

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dangert123332d ago

Well looking at recent games in the series they earned the right more then recent devs of nfs

ryuzu3332d ago

Too right - Criterion are better than NFS deserves at the moment. Since Porsche Unleashed it's just gone down hill.

I hope Criterion can inject something good into this series but this latest Hot Pursuit game just look like Burnout Paradise with Cops addon on a new map...

NFS was best when it went for road driving realism, not Burnout style arcade which is what has dragged it down in recent releases.


Jdoki3332d ago

Well said dangert12 and ryuzu.

Criterion are one of the best developers out there.

Letros3332d ago

Probably one of the smarted things EA has done in recent years was outsourcing NFS development.