Critical Gamer: Civilization V Review

Critical Gamer writes: Civilization is one of PC gaming’s longest running series and certainly one of the most beloved. A combination of military strategy, exploration, diplomacy, history and empire building, in many ways it is remarkable how little has changed since the original iteration, released back in 1991. Religion has come and gone, culture has integrated itself into the game’s core mechanics, and each new version of the game has its own quirks and subtleties. But at a basic level Civilization V is still the same game as its predecessors. It is a testament to the game,that despite much remaining the same, each new version brings fevered anticipation amongst its many fans. Civlization V is no different in this respect and the game certainly does not lack for the “just one more turn” appeal that has become synonymous with the series.

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scruffy_bear3332d ago

So want Civ 5 but I short at the moment :(

maawdawg3332d ago

I want to buy it as well but it would turn my poor old PC into a smoking pile of cinders. It will be one of the first I buy once I build a new one.