85 GAME stores to be closed by 2013

Site count will be slimmed down to 550 over coming years to reduce overlap and cut costs

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MultiConsoleGamer3336d ago

That's brutal. I feel sorry for the people losing their jobs.

evildeli3334d ago

Considering it takes no special skill set to work at retail, it shouldn't be too hard to find another job with such non skills. Still sucks that stores are closing and people are loosing jobs.

sonicsidewinder3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

Real life isn't like playing Fable 2.

kaveti66163334d ago

There are some skills that are associated with these types of jobs. Customer service skills is one of them. Not a lot of people like to smile at strangers and start conversations in order to sell them something.

Tomdc3334d ago

it doesn't take a lot to talk to customers.. we have been talking to people all our lives :P

It is fairly hard to find a job on the highstreet at the moment.. I should know as I have been trying to find one for a while now whilst on my gap year.

Tbh in my town its stupid tho cos there is 2 game stores and 1 gamestation all within about 500 yards of each other.. that doesnt make business sense really!

r1sh123334d ago

its a shame, but they will keep the more active stores open. City/town centres are likely to stay open, the slightly more remote areas will close (IMO).
The problem with the dip in sales is mainly due to the internet. I can get the same game from another store on release date for £7 cheaper.
Im also sure that if its possible to move staff from one site to another, they will try to accommodate it.
Its a shame, the games industry as a whole is making more money than ever but after the world is out of recession Im sure the will crop up again once more and more people have lots of money to spend.

Pandemic3336d ago

Disappointing, GAME is a great gaming store here in Australia.

ico923334d ago

Gamestation is better

Apollyn3334d ago

There the same damn company

redDevil873334d ago

CEX is better then both of them

Hades13373336d ago

Not surprised, all the independent game shops are closing down, and now even the big boys are having to slim down. Guess digital distribution is starting to deal its damage on brick and mortar business.

King-Nax3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

Good thing I left Game earlier this year. Been with them since 2007.

They dont really value their employees, as they are pushed to meet targets without any incentives such as bonus etc.

When you do reach a target, you just get a f**king pat on the back. Job Well Done!

Why o why3336d ago

im thinking its more just online retailers especially from the 'bigger' boys like the supermarkets is hitting em where it hurts like they hurt many highstreet stores from butchers to green grocers using the aggressive growth of their physical stores.

greatjimbo783334d ago

How can anyone disagree with the above? What he's written is entirely accurate.

bageara3334d ago

are advertising for staff where i live

Apollyn3334d ago

Because christmas is round the corner itll be christmas temp jobs same as every other buisness

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The story is too old to be commented.