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NowGamer serves up a Shadows Of the Damned preview with a difference - "This is the latest game from Grasshopper Manufacture – creator of the No More Heroes series, among others."

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Cloudberry3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

I thought Shadow of The Damned was a 360 / Kinect's exclusive (?)...

And it's on PS3 too???


It's great I guess...

fastrez3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

...that's Suda 51's 'project D' or 'Codename D' you're thinking of. They're separate games :)

Active Reload3031d ago

"But it doesn’t exactly look very interesting, does it?
We agree. The main character looks bland and the setting doesn’t look to be that different from what has come before in other games. But other games didn’t have the all-star threesome backing them up like Shadows Of The Damned does.
So you’re saying I should care?
It’s nice to meet someone who actually gets us. That is exactly what we’re saying. Get beyond the looks and rest easy in the fact that you’ve got the interesting design, fantastic action game and great music angles covered by those making the game."


VileAndVicious3031d ago

Im actually looking forward to this one. I loved killer 7 and no more heros so I will be giving this one a shot as well.

3031d ago
3nd3rth33030d ago

when they first announced the directors to an unannounced title i was excited - to me it was going to be the return of survivor horror. once i saw the gameplay of the mexican with the lazy eye going to hell to save his wife or whatever, i was sorely disappointed. looks like another adrenaline-driven tps with over-the-shoulder camera and no puzzles.