Statement: Edge claims “entire game” was played for Hydrophobia review

VG247 writes: An Edge rep has issued a statement contradicting Dark Energy Digital’s claim that the mag hadn’t “played the game” before awarding Hydrophobia 3/10, telling VG247 it completed the entire title and all its bonus content.

“We’ve been talking to Dark Energy Digital’s PR representative this morning and have clarified that our reviewer played the entire game, along with the challenge room stages (referenced in the section of the review headed ‘There’s something in the water’) which become available once you’ve completed the adventure episodes,” said the Edge spokesperson by email.

British Hydrophobia developer Dark Energy Digital hit out at the XBLA title’s review in the latest edition of the UK magazine yesterday, telling VG247 it believed “the game hasn’t even been played.

”DED creative director Deborah Jones said the company was “extremely frustrated” at the Edge verdict.

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MNicholas2968d ago

If the score is at least decent, no one complains and the ruse continues.

The problem here is that EDGE gave a very low score thereby drawing a complaint and unwanted scrutiny.

Most game reviews are written by "journalists" who've barely touched the game and, often, the reviews scoring 10, usually, are written by people who've played the game the most, the developers.

rroded2968d ago

if he had played the whole thing he wouldnt of rated it so high...

i kid XD

TOSgamer2968d ago

True a lot of games are not even played by the people reviewing them. That's the sad thing. They grab some generic info off wiki or a gamefaqs and cut and paste it into a review. I first noticed this reading some Dragon age: Awakening reviews where there were factual errors that would only happen if someone didn't actually play the game. Then there was a review of Ruse I saw that stated it had 2 separate campaigns which is just ridiculous.

gillri2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

huh? was really looking forward to this game but Destructoid gave it a 3.5

sorry guys at Dark energy I will now wait for a xbox deal of the week before think of buying

Acquiescence2968d ago

Don't ever EVER listen to what Destructoid say.

siyrobbo2968d ago

just play the free trial and judge for yourself

Downtown boogey2968d ago

You were looking forward to this game?

Haha, why? To stand out from the majority?

Active Reload2968d ago

Looking forward to it is considered a problem to you? Seriously, your hive mentality is something you should evaluate. The world needs more free thinkers, not a drone looking their nose down at people who have a mind of their own.

Active Reload2968d ago

I was getting ready to type this up top, but seen this comment. Yeah, I think Jim Sterling is a riot, but his reviews are complete shit! Destructoid shouldn't count towards any game's accumulated reviews.

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radphil2968d ago

What ever happened to trying out a demo, and deciding mainly for yourselves? =\

dangert122968d ago

hey this gen we dont think for ourself be gone with your common sense may it be banished from N4G huh dunno who you think you are using common sense ok wise guy O_o

Active Reload2968d ago

Punctuation is your friend.

Downtown boogey2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

The demo isn't the full experience, not even close! It tells NOTHING about the story and progression of combat or other game play mechanic. Even more importantly, you don't know how long and varied the game's supposed to be.

kevnb2968d ago

only people on boards like this buy games based on reviews.

gillri2968d ago

no a 3 and a 3.5 score is enough for me, im not paying 1200 MSP for it now

hell im still waiting for a LIMBO xbox live deal of the week and thats game has amazing scores

Hades13372968d ago

No need to rely on reviews, as you can just download the trial version and decide for yourself.

Downtown boogey2968d ago

Unless you don't want to download a shitty trial for that matter..?

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