LittleBigPlanet Preview/Interview

In the five months since its debut at Game Developer's Conference, LittleBigPlanet has somehow become both a marquee hardcore and casual game on the way for PS3. Its user-generated focus -- the game is as much a physics-based platformer as it is a series of tools for players to create content -- has made it one of the most frequently-discussed games in the industry, and its level of success could make a major impact on how games are made in the coming years.

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ALIEN4075d ago

Im so excited about this game.

ALI-G4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

i thought it will be download insted of BR.i think this type of game that you will always want to play and be in ur PS3, so it will be better if it in the HDD(download) insted of BR.they should at least allow the game to be FULLY instaled in HDD or make downloadable version you can jump between 2 games without changing the disck

@3:take the fanboy glasses and ware the gamer glasses than u will be able to see...y u r in this thread ..

Cartesian3D4075d ago

agreed... I LOVE this game.. and I will spend many hours for making my games on LBP ...

hope ppl understand that its for EVERYONE , with any kind of IQ,AGE..etc

cant wait to see my game in BD version in 2008 :P

ParaDise_LosT4075d ago

I don't see what the big deal is about,
but props for sony for trying to get into casual gaming.
gl to them.

ALIEN4075d ago

Why are you trying to hate? dude! calm down.

fopums4075d ago

lbp is gonna be a smash hit, as soon as it starts makeing waves people are gonna eat it up cuase it appeals to just about everyone :D

cant wait

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