MyInsideGamer Preview | Front Mission Evolved

It would seem like the obvious thing to say, that the Front Mission franchise has evolved with its latest iteration Front Mission Evolved, but I was never one to go for the easy option and neither it would seem are Square Enix.

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simplesteve2946d ago

Figured it'd be rubbish so not surprised at all. Double Helix Games do suck but I liked homecoming. Don't understand why they never make new IPs, they might have more success then. Maybe.

stannersprice2946d ago

Homecoming was rubbish, complete rubbish. DHG should just stop making games and save us the pain and misery of accidentally playing them.

stannersprice2946d ago

Do square enix have anything appart from a huge art department????????? Seriously they do nothing other than make cutscenes after cutscenes after cutscenes. MGS4 wasn't a patch on FF13!