The Final Fantasy 14 Fatigue System

Controversial as the Final Fantasy 14 Fatigue System may be, it's not hard to figure out why the executives at Square Enix think it's a good idea. And on paper, the idea of limiting players to eight hours a week where they can earn experience normally doesn't seem so crazy at first. For one, it would level the playing field between casual Final Fantasy fans who can only put in a few hours of game time a week, and hardcore MMO players who would otherwise be able to powerlevel their way to the endgame within a few months. It would help curb the influence of gold farmers that have always been so ubiquitous in MMO's by limiting their ability to quickly access enemies that spit out a great deal of cash once defeated. And by lowering the leveling curve, players could enjoy every phase of the game equally, instead of trying to plow through the early content to get to high level instances and raids.

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Jdoki2940d ago

It's an interesting solution to a non-existent problem.

All this talk about about levelling the playing field for casuals etc is rubbish. Casuals play WoW and many other MMO's. They find groups of other like-minded people, or they play solo, or they group with more hardcore friends who help them out.

The 8 hour fatigue system does nothing to help people with less time on their hands - what it does is hinder the players who enjoy the game and want to invest more time.

I have limited time to spend in MMO's, so I want to get my money's worth. If I normally spend 8 hours a week, that's fine. But on those occasions when I am able to spend more time in the game I am not able to make the most of it.

The cynic in me can only believe that the Fatigue system is there for one of the following reasons:

- To buy SE some time to put in more end game content
- To maximise how long people subscribe

FFXIV does look pretty cool - but as the article mentions... It'll be up against it with so much competition. I left FFXI because of the rigid grouping dynamic and lack of solo friendly content - so I hope they have at least sorted this out for XIV.

Fadetoblack692939d ago

I was concerned about this system since the first time I heard about it but after playing for a solid week, I find that I don't understand it at all as I've been powergrinding and have yet to hit a wall of any kind. And yes, thankfully this was all solo, I hated the forced-grouping as well.

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Biggest2939d ago

We're in the same boat. I haven't met one person that has hit the fatigue cap. Granted, everyone in my linkshell or on my friends list is playing the game for maximum cooperation.

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