Is Resistance 3 hero Joseph Capelli?

It appears that US army man Joseph Capelli will take the role of main hero in Resistance 3.

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theunleashed642942d ago

so nathan hale is the villain? WOW! what a twist this is
going to be epic indeed!.

sinncross2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

I believe the hero is James Grayson:



colonel1792942d ago

Yeah I agree. I don't know why the pictures were named Capelli, since he doesn't look like that at all. He is James Grayson indeed

TOO PAWNED2942d ago

i wouls be so happy if R3 was 3rd person shooter. it would be so much better. Insomniacs Uncharted. The way it should have been. Sadly they went FPS

Hades13372942d ago

You're right. Capelli looks nothing like him anyway.

TOO PAWNED2942d ago

i havent read comic book, but those that did, say that he looks like Capelli from comics books, in which he seems to be really cool character

pixelsword2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Yeah, that's what I thought.

I just don't know exactly how it could be Grayson but by one way.

I know capelli was at ground zero, so it wold be great to start there, but I think that if Grayson's in it, it will be 4 player co-op (I think I know who the other two will probably be...)

joeymp2942d ago

Yes, James Grayson is the main character! People who think Capelli is the main character are idiots!!! It looks nothing like him!! Many don't know of James Grayson cause they didn't play Retribution.

Think about this, many say that Hale is not dead, right? That a single bullet wouldn't kill him now, right? So if that is true how would Capelli escape from Hale?!?!!? Duh?!?! After shooting him, Hale would just make Capelli explode, didn't you play the last level of R2, you know what he's capable of. Are we supposed to believe that Capelli can just shoot Hale and run away?!? No! Capelli shoots Hale, Hale laughs, and Capelli is blown into a million pieces! CAPELLI IS DEAD!!! James Grayson is the new main character, Hale is the new main villain. done. period.

thor2942d ago

I hope that Hale stays dead. There's nothing worse than characters who are outright killed being brought back because of a lousy script decision. Anyway Hale was a crap lead character, a waste of space. I'm glad it's been changed.

LarVanian2942d ago

It is obviously Capelli, it was made pretty damn obvious in the teaser trailer and the end of R2. If it was Grayson then he would be wearing his trade-mark jacket and would be continuing the fight in Europe. How and why the hell would Grayson automatically go from Eastern Europe to the USA for no reason?


Greysson only appeared in one game, nothing about him is treadmark, specially a piece of suit (look at Hale's from R1 and R2 clothes, nothing like each other).

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thief2942d ago

I think that while the storytelling of Resistance 2 was weaker than 1, it is also underrated - the whole story arc and the final ending is quite well done

Kratos_19862942d ago

this game just keeps getting better and better specially the graphics

Motorola2941d ago

but seriously he was awesome

LeonSKennedy4Life2942d ago


I've known this for MONTHS!!!


Do you guys have any questions about the story?

dosgrtr2942d ago

really?how did u knew it for months?I'm guessing by completing resistance 2

TOO PAWNED2942d ago

Gamesblow told him (roll eyes)

LeonSKennedy4Life2942d ago


I'm friends with the writer, you tools.

I know most of the story of R3.

pixelsword2942d ago

If you look it up, HHG called Capelli without explicitly saying Capelli a little after R2 came out; but how he phrased it you could tell if you finished the game that he meant Capelli.

LeonSKennedy4Life2942d ago



coolfool2942d ago

So clear it up for us. Who do we play as? Grayson or Capelli? or Neither? Or both?

Who is the main antagonist?

Will the story involve anything that will actually turn the tide of the war?

headwing452942d ago

Please don't try to gain attention like that, it's really lame...

pixelsword2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

The trailer has a man with a scar on his face like capelli

The screenshots look like Grayson, except if the story arc stays in cannon, It will either be impossible for it to be Grayson, or Grayson is the result of the US devices that were brought over to England in Resistance 1.

2942d ago
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