Square Enix hope press will wait "three to four weeks" before Final Fantasy XIV reviews

Let’s see how nicely the press play with this one. Square Enix have been distributing review copies of Final Fantasy XIV Online over the past few days. But if things go to plan for them, we won’t be seeing any reviews emerging for a while yet.

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tdrules3330d ago

" the inevitable shite reviews don't make us lose sales."

koehler833330d ago

Nobody reviews MMOs for the simple reason that they are constant works in progress.

They are only going to review FFXIV because it's a Final Fantasy game.

They only ask that reviews be held a few weeks to deal with all the same issues that any other MMO has to deal with in it's first few weeks. The most players logged in at once that the game is likely ever to see in it's operation.

Though I have to say, it's been the smoothest MMO launch I've ever witnessed. I think they should be proud of what they've accomplished.

mittwaffen3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Final Fantasy XIV “Nothing But Copy-Paste" (They copy/paste all terrain like a stamp set)

Still dont believe me? Look at these zone maps..

Even a video of the zones and how boringly repetitive they made them..
Look how exciting it is run/explore... /s

Yeah, amazing game right there; Snore fest. Sorry to anyone who wasted 60 bucks+Monthly fees to come.

Baka-akaB3330d ago

whatever we may think of the game , it would only be fair for reviewers to not gang up the title right from release ...

After all they usually dont review mmo games right at launch for obvious reasons .

Hell las time i remember one getting such review , Age of Conan , it was a catastrophe .
They only played the beginner's area , wich was smooth and polished , and didnt truly tried the real meat of the game , wich was crappy and buggy .

Their review only misled countless people later furious about the game

Redempteur3330d ago

i dunno ..3 week seems like fair seeing that FF14 world is huge and you can't judge it without dive into it for quite sometime .i don't see why ff14 should be judged as a game when you need time to enjoy it

Abriael3330d ago

@tdrules: or more like reviewers actually give themselves enough time to actually experience the game, and the game itself enough time to get past the at-launch idiosyncrasies that EVERY MMO has.

Any writer reviewing a MMORPG game right away simply holds no credibility, and should be labeled as such by his readers.

MMORPGs are hard to review correctly even after several tens of hours of gameplay simply because of how expansive and long-time-spanning they are. Also, it's obvious that they're going to have some server/lag/bug problems right after launch, and an immediate review is going to be faked by those.

Personally, despite my extensive experience in alpha/beta, I was already planning to wait at the very least a couple weeks before reviewing the game. Why? Because I want to give my readers something more solid to read about that some passing impression based on a few scrawny hours of gameplay, wishful thinking, educated guesses and hearsay (like some reviewers are already doing, see BFF report for instance, that review is a trainwreck for his own credibility).

Remember the trainwreck of 9+ reviews given to Age of Conan right after launch, based on the first few levels (that were amazing, mind you, but followed by a crapton of half baked boredom). gaming journalist should have learned a few lessons from those.

ATi_Elite3330d ago

I kinda agree as the game doesn't get good until you get out of the "Kiddie Training section".

MMORPG require more than twenty minutes of game play B4 writing a review.

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thehitman3330d ago

on a MMO based within 1 week of launch should be tossed out the window because thats not even a fraction of the time that is required to actually make a opinion on whether the game is solid. Square said 3-4 weeks I would say like 1-2 months.

Xephon083330d ago

the biggest problem for SE is not the MMO aspect is that western reviews are going to try to compare it to WoW. This game isn't wow, its designed with the story in mind, its designed to play with friends and actually challenge you and not just throw epics at you. Honestly its come a long way since even the open beta, its great to play, the lag is barely present even in populated areas, crafting is fun, although it can just piss you off sometimes, but its quite rewarding.

the game is great, i just hope people arn't expecting a WoW2.0 because its not even similar to WoW.

Why o why3330d ago

maybe three weeks is a bit much...for some that may be too little but reviews on release on a MMO seems stupid. It really is the community that helps or hinders.

XANDEO3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

I liked FF11 but not at first because it was rather different than what i was used to so i defintly understand where square are coming from, met some good people who im still freinds on xbl, the level grind is what stoped me that was to time demanding, but im defo going to try out FF14 when it arrives on PS3 next year

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