Nintendo hopes to sell 4 millions of 3DS by March 2011

Nintendo recently said it expects to sell 4 million 3DS until the end of March 2011 with the release of it in japan in february and in march in the US and EU.

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Fierce Musashi2993d ago

They might need a big launch title. However, considering how popular the DS series has been over the years, they might not. Still though, it would certainly help.

I know what I'm looking foward to.

Samus HD2993d ago

i think the opposite
3ds will sell millions (i think it could go over 4 milion )

Fierce Musashi2993d ago

Lol, I know good and well it's going to seel millions reguardless.

Fierce Musashi2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

*sell ~_~'

2993d ago
na-no-nai2993d ago

getting 2 on release day