4 new Rock Band gameplay videos

Here are some brand new gameplay videos of the recently announced songs, for the upcoming game Rock band.

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Antonio_Mex4075d ago

hey this looks fun man, I might pick it up, how much is the complete set up going to cost? just to start saving some money

Syko4075d ago

EA/Harmonix has yet to "Officialy" Set the bundle price. But it is currently rumored at $200 for the Mic, Drums, 1 Guitar and the game.

Hopefully for all the 360 owners with guitars. They will release a Drum/game bundle.

If you are a PS3 owner, Expect $200 for the full experience. If you got no friends(Joking)then you can get the instrument you want to play and gather your band online.

Adamalicious4075d ago

I hope you have the option to turn off the vocal track when you have a singer - it makes it sound not so good. They are doing it SingStar style here - opposed to normal Karaoke style which I think would be much better.

I can see the advantage of having it for people who don't know the songs (they can't get radio reception under their rocks), but for those that do it would be nice to have the option.

Tut4075d ago

Agreed. Though, a lot of inexperienced singers have problems matching proper tones as well, so it could essentially play a key role in the performance if they care what they sound like.

As for me and, I am sure, a lot of other people who don't really care and they just want to rock out hard and have a good time, turning off the actual vocal track would be a much-loved option. =)

Jeebus4075d ago

Completely excited for this game. I just recently picked up the drums and I loved the first GH the second, and Amplitude. And now with Harmonix jumping to a new franchise, I am more excited than ever to get my hands on it. I hope it does well enough to reach enough success for a sequel.

Or at least some killer DLC