Final Nintendo 3DS specs revealed

Launching on February 26 of next year, the upcoming Nintendo 3DS finally has its exact 3DS specs.

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jidery3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

I still want to know the CPU GPU, and RAM before i can judge on how good of a system this baby is. I am expecting at least 512mb of ram, 1ghz processor, and at least a decent GPU to handle the 3D


@ sajj316: If those specs are true "dual 266 MHz ARM11 processors, 113 MHz GPU, 64 MB of system RAM, and 4 MB of VRAM." then i am highly disappointed with this system, especially when you think we have phones with specs way beyond this.

Knowing Nintendo, these specs are probably really accurate. I cant wait to see what the PSP2 can pull off, there is 1 thing that is for sure, the PSP2 will blow away these specs by a long shot.

Blaze9293535d ago

same. how can these be the final specs revealed when the key specs are still unknown? Fucking Kotaku

BISHOP-BRASIL3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Actually the official Ninty site have the features from the prototype version they showed at E3, it's been there for some time. I believe it will about it for final version.

Just click on features in the right.

EDIT: It don't have the CPU, GPU and RAM specs too. I'm just saying this is old.

EDIT2: I both expect you to be right and wrong about PSP2. After the 3DS price announcement my wallet just start shaking of thinking on such PSP2 pricing.

In the end of the day, I had been so broken with videogames lately with holiday on and Move that'll probably wait a year before getting either or both.

sajj3163535d ago

expect it to be the leaked dual 266 MHz ARM11 processors, 113 MHz GPU, 64 MB of system RAM, and 4 MB of VRAM.

Like the Wii, expectation is profit from day one. Nintendo these days are not about heavy specs.

Tyler Durden3535d ago

to know is why they did the same ass backwards button layout as the psp and put the analog on the same side as the d-pad. Would it not make more sense to put it on the oposite side, or is there an advantage here that i missed?

Blaze9293535d ago

Think about it, your right hand is always going to be on the buttons and right bumper.

Left hand is always for directional movement and the left bumper. THe dpad and analog stick do the same thing, move direction. So it makes more sense to put them right together.

Imaging having to move with the analog stick then you'd have to stop moving just so you can reach and press some buttons - what sense does that make?

Really I'm confusing myself explaining this to you because (to me at least) it's just common sense.

koehler833535d ago

What controller configuration have you ever used where the analog is on the same side as the face buttons?

Tyler Durden3535d ago

more sense if the anolog was on the right and the dpad was on the left because you are doing the same motions as a regular controler where you have to take your hands of the face buttons to move the camera and the d-pad would be used for movement.

SIX3535d ago

Well regardless, this is day one for me mainly because of the support its getting. On the flip side. I think psp2 will have more power definitely, but if anything this generation has proven. Power isn't as imortant as it used to be. I can still see psp2 do very well if it has three things. Second analog/ strong lineup of games, and a robust online strategy. So what I'm saying is Killzone/ resistance/uncharted psp 2 launch with strong online support:p

Ult iMate3535d ago

And don't forget the the main feature of a portative game system - life of a battery. The sexier are specs, the less is life of a battery.

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KratosGirI3535d ago

I hope I can find one for cheaper over here in Bahrain...

maxcer3535d ago

lol those are more like features/dimensions not HW specs

jaytv-pyro3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

3DS = $300
PS3 = $300

hmmm both do 3D but only one does everything.

Thank You Stealth Trolls & Future Disagrees

dredgewalker3535d ago

For the 3DS specs it shouldn't be that expensive. Sadly the PSP2 might be much more high tech and would mean that it's gonna be uber expensive. I remember the PSP being very expensive when it was launched.

AEtherbane3535d ago

I forgot how i can just carry around a 3D TV a power source, a ps3, a controller and all the wires with me and still play all my games while wearing my awesome goggles.
Oh wait...

KratosGirI3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Try saying that again when the PSP2 is priced in Japan, you fucking trollfag.

Seriosuly. You are fucking low to compare a console to a handheld.

You didn't even WAIT until they officially confirm the US price, but as usual, you jump to fucking conclusions and make an asshat out of yourself.


Actually, scratch what I said. You're still sore because of Megaman Legends 3 being on the 3DS.

Highlife3535d ago

"you jump to fucking conclusions and make an asshat out of yourself."
ohh the irony!

Otheros003535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

"You're still sore because of Megaman Legends 3 being on the 3DS."
They never said it was in development or if it was they did not say which system it is on.
Kratosgirl = FAIL

Millah3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Maybe you forgot the price of the 3D capable HDTV, as well as the price of glasses? Adds quite a bit to that 300 dollar price huh? Just because 25k yen converts to 300 dollars in todays exchange rate DOES NOT mean thats how much it will cost here......jesus

You're getting disagrees for being a troll. Give me a break, you calling anyone else a troll is just hysterical. Why the hell are you even comparing the two systems?

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HeroXIV3535d ago

Kotaku is rated 3 stars? Cmon guys. Click the little + and vote "WTF?!" and "No".

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