Only 6% of console owners download games

More questions asked of the supposed digital games revolution

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ATi_Elite2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

1. Not enough HDD space
2. Sony and M$ don't trust their consumers
3. The Consumers don't trust Sony and M$
4. Sony and M$ like wasting millions of dollars printing and shipping game disc and game disc containers and those security strips
5. Sony and M$ want you to go to a store as they think your more likely to buy another Sony and M$ product while your there getting a game.
6. like always the console is slowly learning from the PC

Pandamobile2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

It's not like they really have anything to download.

The digital downloads for the 360 (does the PS3 even have a place to buy actual games) are older, "classic" titles.

If you're going on Xbox Live to look for a game to download, you'll have less luck than a PC gamer going to a GameStop to look for a game. PC retail selection is terrible, console digital selection is terrible.

The great divide.

Redgehammer2940d ago

we must be looking at different XBL marketplaces.

ATi_Elite2940d ago

Amazingly the Game Stops where I live have all the PC games on release day and they keep a good selection.

The PS3 has Steam Works which of course is Steam.

Xbox Live = I don't Know.

ELite_Ghost2940d ago

when steams officially out on ps3, it'll go a bit higher :D, I can't wait portal 2!

Pandamobile2940d ago

Steamworks, Ghost, Steamworks.

There's a big difference between Steam, and the Steamworks API.

ELite_Ghost2939d ago

chill chill lol, I didn't know

Redgehammer2940d ago

have an extremely diificult time accepting the validity of that number. I am disinclined to believe that only 6% of gamers buy DLC. I think we have gotten to be such a large audience and diverse demograph that it is impossible to question a few people and then extrapolate an answer.

Pandamobile2940d ago

I'm pretty sure it's talking about the people that buy full games on Xbox Live. Not Arcade titles, but what ever section of the marketplace where you can buy full retail games for like 2000 Ms points

Rainstorm812940d ago

which is a ridiculous way to look at all digital transactions via PSN and XBL and the number grows exponentially,