Good Old Games' 'closure' was brilliant marketing - Escort Mission #1 @

BeefJack: "It went down as well as you’d expect: like a sack full of bricks dropped onto sack full of doe-eyed kitten orphans. Evidently the Pope is right: the Godless kids of today just don’t have any respect for faking your own death, only to rise again a few days later with amplified bandwidth. It wasn’t just a dumb stunt, gamers decried: it was a juvenile prank perpetrated by a group of desperate, attention seeking chancers. It was decided that GOG had exhausted two years of good will and hard work trying to drum up interest in their new website. It was pretty much the same reaction Steam or the PSN gets during bouts of maintenance: uncontrollable fury, death threats and a 572% global increase in the use of the incorrect spelling ‘basterds’ online. The only difference is that GOG’s outage wasn’t preceded by weeks of warning."

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