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Pixel Enemy writes:Gmoney gives you guys a closer look at the leaked screen shots and concept art from Insomniac Games upcoming first person shooter, Resistance 3, set to launch exclusively on the PlayStation 3 next year. Think you guys have spotted everything? Think again.

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chazjamie2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago ) who developed the need to examine leaked images. if it was a video i would understand, but stills?? people must of been screaming from their desks for an anaylsis.

WildArmed2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

it might be just me..
but 'analysis' says @ 7.45 that the shadow is the 'fangs' of a spider..
but i thought it was just a shadow of his hand that his has up x_x

There were a few things that I didn't notice
(new looks of weapons)
(Leaping 'leaper chimera')

Though, I guess he could have done w/o the unnecessary 'I dreamt the future skit' >.<

beardpapa2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

so are these really screenshots or leaked concept art? just kinda funny if he's doing all this analysis only for them to really be concept arts.

WildArmed2945d ago

From what I understand it was concept art.
But some of them really look like Screenshots.. so could it be a mixture.

Mit2945d ago

This is like my most anticipated ps3 game next year, besides infamous 2. This game is going to own so damn hard it's not even funny.

Mit2945d ago

Oh, well finished the video, and he was talking about the snow, and how chimera can alter weather. They can't alter weather. My only reason to think the chimera is going to NY is because it's actually cold there near the winter. Also NY gets a lot of snow. Therefore like the first game stated, chimera needs to be in cool areas because if they don't they could overheat and die.

facelike2945d ago

In Resistance FOH, the Chimera did change the weather. It was snowing in London during July.

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ajeben8092946d ago

stuff that i didnt notice before was pointed out, made it worthwhile

Forbidden_Darkness2946d ago

I am so calling the long legs, grass hoppers :)

TheShow012945d ago

you know .. you point out these little things it still doesnt break the ice. Oh maybe ... oh I'm thinking this, maybe that ... the gun has 3 yellow dots on top so maybe it'll fire out yellow shots. Not trying to offend but save yourself the trouble and wait for the final game to come out.

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