Halo Reach October update details

Bungie have announced that Halo: Reach is to receive an update in October, but unfortunately no confirmed date.

The update will make the following changes:

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theEx1Le3331d ago

good to see swat getting its own playlist :)

Munky3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

SWAT is fun, can get a tad frustrating when you play against dudes who are CRAZY good at head shots, but still fun regardless.

StanLee3331d ago

It's frustrating because the head hitboxes are too large. I have had my reticule not even be on a player and gotten headshots.

BlackKnight3331d ago

That can happen when you are spamming the trigger and making your bloom very large, you just have to be lucky and hope with the huge bloom that your bullet will hit his head. The bloom shows the area on screen where the bullet could possibly land, which is random.

Fiona3331d ago

thank god! Everyone play that freaking game! I mean, i enjoy swat dont get me wrong. But sometimes i just want a normal team slayer game. Yesterday, i play like 12 matches and 10 were the swat type. I went to objective base to play something different.

dangert123331d ago

Swat will make you a better player
when i was gaming on xbox it was my favourite game type in halo 3

Munky3331d ago

Amen Brotha!

Like you said, it wouldn't be so bad if it was sprinkled here and there in between straight up slayer matches, but it seems that it is the game-type chosen more often then not.

Garrus_Vakarian3331d ago

Now if only they would remove Infection from Rumble Pit.

crzyjackbauer3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

i got banned for quiting those
its ruining rumble pit
if i want to play a zombie game online
i go rent left 4 dead

sGIBMBR3331d ago

# Removed “Pro” game variants from the Arena Playlist


Slayer DMRs is not bad, but if I'm playing Arena with "Decent" players, I don't want armour abilities :S

I see armour abilities as more of a laugh (Social Experience) not for the hardcore.

FragMnTagM3331d ago

Arena should do away with everything but sprint. Armor lock, jetpack, cloaking, and bubble shield should not be in Arena. Or they should have their own list under Arena. When I think of competitive, it should be how skilled you are with the weapons, not how well you can use armor abilities. I can use the armor pretty well, but it just doesn't fit with the Arena for me.

Mike4G3331d ago

I was absolutely shocked when i read that, thats basically all i play!!!! I am officially disappointed with Bungie right now...... well, just with that decision, great game overall.

Honestly i Really dont mind the Armor abilities but i prefer Slayer Pro. And it seems they added King of the Hill... or did they? the updated list was a bit confusing on that part.

sGIBMBR3331d ago

Also may I ask what's up with Slayer Pro in Team Slayer having NO radar, but Slayer Pro in Arena does?!

Just few area's of this game need tweaking, but yeah... all in all, best MP game I've played for a long time.

FragMnTagM3331d ago

Bungie really listens to their community. Nearly every single thing on that list is complaints I have heard, seen, complained about myself, or read on's forums. Putting SWAT on it's own playlist was one of the first things I thought of when I first saw it popping up in team slayer matchmaking.

I wish they would add Griffball to matchmaking. Sometimes it is hard to get 8 players together as everyone is always playing something different. Bungie made firefight and the campaign too good as a lot of people are playing those gametypes just as much as the competitive multiplayer portions.

I kind of missed rocket race. Glad to see it back. King of the Hill and Juggernaut are welcomed back as well. Kind of disappointed that they removed PRO gametypes from Arena. I like to not have a radar on certain maps, but I can see why they removed it as it would become a campfest sometimes in team doubles arena.

I agree with Garrus_Vakarian that they should remove infection from Rumble Pit and give it it's own playlist like SWAT.

I don't see why it is not setup like picking the game type you want to play and then vote on maps? Have it setup to where you pick team slayer and then a list pops up of different game types within team slayer, i.e. king of the hill, SWAT, headhunter, and so on, and then you vote for the map you want to play it on once you have matched up with players. How would one go about suggesting this to Bungie?

It seems possible as they are going to make SWAT have it's own playlist, so I don't see how it wouldn't be possible. It is fine how it is right now, but that just seems more logical.

BlackKnight3331d ago

I think the reason they don't make a big list of playlists for each game type is it would divide up the community into smaller and smaller chunks, which would make matchmaking take longer because there are less parties of varying sizes to form full lobbies.

Paradise Lost3331d ago

The only thing im happy for are that the scorpions are gone from hemorrhage.

Bnet3433331d ago

You can thank me for that. :D I made a thread on the Halo Reach forums and everyone supported my idea to get rid of it on Hemmorhage.

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