Top 5 Most Useless Video Game Products

Every year the industry struggles to adapt and create new venues for gamers to pursue, but every once in a while they slip up and make something no one can really use. Do these companies then dump the line? No, instead they are ever more determined to sell you on it, with mass marketing of a product so worthless even a diehard fan couldn't enjoy it. These products constitute in my opinion some of the most useless video game products released to date.

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boodybandit3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

and your description and opinion on it is juvenile at best.
Try actually getting the right tactile transducer for the right seating, dialing it in (calibration for those that are too juvenile, like the author of this horrid opinion piece, to understand) to your liking and game on.

A well placed buttkicker to a racing pod is one of the best devices a racing enthuiast could purchase. It adds a level of immersion you can't get with any size sub, no matter how hot you run one. Believe me I have tried and I have some HUGE and POWERFUL subwoofers.

I have a buttkicker on my racing setup right now. My only complaint? I want to add more of them. I am online right now looking for a more power tactile transducer in an other window while I am posting this.

Here is some pics I took of my racing cockpit yesterday. Notice the red knob under the chair (especially in the 3rd pic)? That's the buttkicked gamer 2. Now I am most likely going to upgrade to a pair of BKA300's.

BTW excuse the paint job on the riser for the seat. I just built it yesterday and spray painted it black for pics. I am going to use heavy black lacquer paint on it later in the week and clean up and smooth out some of the wood working.

romalias23330d ago

Never said it wasn't fun as mentioned in the closing statement. However, it is pretty much useless.