Kratos VS Duke Nukem

In today’s match, it’s the battle of two favorites of the tournament… Duke Nukem has fought aliens and won semi-nude women, but Kratos has fought the gods and won himself honor! Sure Kratos has the blades of chaos, but Duke Nukem has survived space, so who do you think should win?

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Nitrowolf23335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

The f is up with all these Kratos Comparison
Kratos Vs. Dante Inferno
Kratos vs. Bayonneta
Kratos Vs. Castle Vania
Kratos Vs Duke

this just shows you can't beat Kratos
Is today a new holiday or what? Kratos Vs. Day?

TheMutator3335d ago

you forget Kratos vs Devil May Cry

shovelface883335d ago

Kratos beat Kratos, stabbed himself in the stomach, remember? So you CAN beat kratos, you just have to be... kratos. lol.

x5exotic3335d ago

kratos vs dante
kratos vs bayo
kratos vs war
kratos vs dante(the hell faggot)
kratos vs gabriel
kratos vs new dante
kratos vs duke

seven 2 smoke ,any1?

evrfighter3335d ago

Sorry kratos. Duke would rip his head his head and sh*t down his neck.

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Mit3335d ago

Kratos would rape Duke's mom, then rape Duke....then start a chain reaction of raping in a small town by a river choir, then pimp duke in a homeless shelter.

gameraxis3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Duke is the man's man but come on, Kratos? Just look at my avatar, I'm surprised a mere human shell can even hold all that rage...

gameraxis3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

they're both awesome characters but in different ways, and to make gamers sit here and biker over it is just plain blasphemy lol

N4g_null3335d ago

If kratos was so bad then why did duke even have to try to save the world? Thats what kratos is for right?

Ok we have to sound the bored comic book fanboy alarm on this one.

It's not possible unless capcom makes a game about it.

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Raikiri3336d ago

Kratos, Wouldn't even be a fight

Ronster3163336d ago

Duke to Nuke him with some sort of crazy plazma weapon.

Or use the shrink and freeze ray and stomp on him.

Either that or its big boot time.

moparful993336d ago

Umm are you forgetting the golden fleece? Kratos can deflect and return any projectile and most physical attacks.. Not to mention kratos has the speed of hermes, rage of the titans. zeus's bolts, and the blades of exile I think the duke has met his maker....

kneon3335d ago

And if Kratos had met Dukes maker, he'd kill him as well. How can anyone go up against a guy that has killed multiple Gods, takes down Titans the size of mountains and has returned from the dead on more than one occasion.

LarVanian3336d ago

The reason we haven't seen Duke in a long time is because he's been hiding from Kratos lol.

gillri3335d ago

hold on just checking..............yup, Kratos is still a douche

Nitrowolf23335d ago

explain yourself
but before you do

Kratos was tricked into killing his family, and then the gods tricked him saying that they would un curse him, and then they betrayed him by over throwing him, and then his father wants him dead

idk bout you but i certainly wouldn't be mister happy after all that you douche

gillri3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

whether he has reasons for it or not I cant relate to him whatsoever,

we all have problems, I slipped up the other day and now I have a bad back but I dont go around brutally murdering people

Nitrowolf23335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

cause a bad back is the same as being tricked killing your family.
You should learn about Spartan and greek history, Spartan were trained to kill to protect their love ones back at Sparta

Arnon3335d ago

Kratos is the definition of a meat-head. His reasons are childish, and he destroyed the Earth because... why? So he could get revenge for his own wrong-doings?

My god... I mean... Zeus killed him in 2 so he wouldn't continue to destroy the Earth for his selfish behavior. Then he came back anyway, and continued to act stupid and disturb the balance of basically everything.

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The story is too old to be commented.