Fatal Frame 2 Getting a Wii-make and Rhythm Tengoku on Wii?

Insert From Nintendo Now:

While news of the Nintendo 3DS are slowly filling up the interwebs, Nintendo still hasn't forgotten about the Wii home console. On Nintendo's conference site for the 3DS, there's a Wii section showcasing screenshots for upcoming Wii titles. Taking a closer look at the titles shown, we can see two games that haven't been formally announced. You can check out the screenshots of these two never-before mentioned games below.

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Shnazzyone2969d ago

that might actually be awesome.

Mahr2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

This will indeed be awesome -- once a fan translation comes out when Nintendo of America inexplicably refuses to localize it, Fatal Frame IV style.

stragomccloud2965d ago

Indeed. I really hate Nintendo of America, and it's publishing track record.

No on:
Pikmin 2 New Play Control
Disaster: Day of Crisis
Fatal Frame 4
Xenoblade(Still hoping for a localization though)

Also worried that Last Story will not make it either.

What the heck you guys!!!

Anyway, yeah, no doubt there will be a fan translation.