Nintendo 3DS: Price too Expensive?

Product-Reviews writes: We shouldn’t expect a direct conversion for US pricing, but 25,000 Yen translates to just under $300 USD, $298 to be exact. For a next-generation system, do you think $300 is reasonable for the 3DS, or completely out of order?

To put the figure in perspective, you can pick up a 120GB PS3 Slim for the same price on Amazon, while you can also pick up the new Xbox 360 250GB console for $299 as well.

Can you justify paying $300 for the Nintendo 3DS or not? You could argue that the price is likely to drop a bit for the US market, but we can’t see it dropping too much to be honest.

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qface642966d ago

this is the price for japan though

EYEamNUMBER12966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

wow an article like this already talk about quick

anyways this is the price for japan as already said its pretty much gonna be 250 in the US and hey people payed 250 for the wii and considering the 3DS is looking far more impressive than the WII it doesn't seem like all that big a deal

dosgrtr2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

why will it be 250 in the states?

sunnygrg2966d ago

The price "might" be $250 in the US due to the weakening of the US dollar against the Yen. This is speculation but it is almost guaranteed to happen.

Gue12966d ago

if you convert yens to dollar a game in japan costs like $80 while in the states are just $60.

EYEamNUMBER12966d ago

the fact that all nintendo products are more expensive in japan compared to the US not even nintendo products pretty much ALL products

the ds/dsi/wii/dsxl are all more expensive in japan
i believe the xl alone is 40-50 dollars more expensive in japan

DORMIN2966d ago

Sounds about right for a hardware launch...

My question is how much will the games be? =/

Muletroid2966d ago

they will most likely be 40 dollars while some being still 35 dollars and some budget games will be 30

jetlian2966d ago

think 3ds looks better than wii you need your eyes checked! 300 hell even 250 is to much. it still doesn't look better than the psp

Sarcasm2966d ago

Honestly it's priced about right. The PSPgo was priced at $250, arguably too expensive. But with the features of the 3DS, it's pretty spot on.

qface642966d ago

that's a laugh your telling people they need their eyes checked yet you say 3DS doesn't look better than the psp?


jetlian2966d ago

i sure did. go see the 7.5 min 3ds metal gear trailer and compare it to peacewalker. About even if you ask me and its a cutscene to boot.

even after seeing doa 3ds its not as good as the pictures they released



I would agree with you but this is basically the tech we already seen in both DS (duas screens, touchscreen) and PSP (about the same graphics, analog slide pad) plus a 3D screen.

Yes it holds some value, but PSP launched at 250 almost 6 years ago (December 2004 in JP). If a Nintendo DS were to add only the PSP Feature today I wouldn't expect it to cost much more than the PSP itself, which is alredy 170 bucks, so I would expect almost 200 bucks for such a DS.

What is still to consider is that 3D screen. And that is why I don't agree with you, I don't think this screen alone is worth 50 bucks in the handheld price, don't matter how good it works, I wouldn't mind pay those 50 more for stronger hardware.

I think handhelds had yet to improve a lot in graphics before worring about 3D... I don't even care for 3D in consoles that much... I never seen nothing poping out of the screen with 3D, not even on Avatar. I had seen better results in immersion with head tracking alone.

Just look at this video, this is a homemade solution and does a lot more poping out than 3D. (watch from 2:30 and forward to see the effect).

bakasora2966d ago

So a PS3 is the same price as 3DS?

cliffbo2965d ago


are you being paid by nintendo if not you need glasses if you think the 3DS is better gfx's than the psp as good maybe but better no way! goto specsavers and get your eyes checked please!

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Rainstorm812966d ago

Watch everyone agree over the price point (250-300$) which is laughable......

So that begs the question is the 3Ds worth as much as a new x360 or Ps3???

EYEamNUMBER12966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

well no one cried foul when the psp released for 250?

i said it once if people ha no problem paying 250 for a wii i don't see the big deal paying 250 for the 3DS which looks much more impressive than the wii in all aspects

yewles12966d ago

The PSP was on the level of the THEN current gen consoles at it's launch, and people went ape over the PSP-Go at $250.

avengers19782966d ago

250-300 is not a bad price point at all, The DS orginally came out for something around there, and so did the PSP if I'm not mistaken. People will buy the hell out of this thing, then turn off the 3D and have a rather enjoyable gaming device. PSP2 wiil most likely be over 300 if what I hear about it is true.

tr00p3r2966d ago

You can't argue that the price is going to be pretty high for the US though, $250-300 guaranteed. This is gonna set Sony off now on their PSP2 price.

CrazyForGames2966d ago

if what everything im hearing about the psp2 will most likely be true then you can probably expect psp2 to be like 400 in japan and 300-350 in the states

tr00p3r2966d ago


Thats a bit crazy though.. if thats for a handheld, then the PS4 will be double that right??! :x

CrazyForGames2966d ago

is it really though?

i mean considering what everyone is saying about the psp2 is a 300-350 price in the US really that crazy?
i mean im sure the ps3 and its 599 price and the go and its 250 price was also crazy but hey they were true

rareairtone2966d ago

Try not to think about it like that.

When we buy handhelds, we are paying for the sophisticated technology that allows you to portably play games.

Handhelds, especially the 3ds, have expensive parts in them compared to consoles.

In the electronics world, the smaller you go before the world catches up, the more expensive your product is.

I reckon Sony will try to release the ps4 around the same price as the ps3 on inflated dollars.

danswayuk2966d ago

Looking forward to having a play with the Nintendo 3DS, glasses are a real no go for me with 3D movies and gaming. The only way I will buy 3D ever is without glasses on any device, including TVs.

mcstorm2966d ago

I agree with you the glasses put me of 3d tv esp when they charge between £60 and £120 for one in the uk.

I think 3D is going to be a fad and not take off even though they are pushing it people have only just started to move across to digital tv never mind HD tv so to put 3D tv in the mix now is just insane.

Looking forward to having a go with the 3ds all though I have a PSP go and love the media + PS3 side of the PSP over the DS.

tweet752966d ago

you can get an ipod touch for less! Nintendo is just setting themselves up for failure. portable consoles should never go over $200 these days. If nintendo released it at $200 even if they lost money on it people would buy that many more console games for it.

Malice-Flare2966d ago

as the launch date is after 2010 holidays, they can lower it for the 2011 holidays...

i hope they do...

zslash2966d ago

I don't follow, there's not even a month difference between the Japan and US launch dates. Japan on February 26, US/Europe in March.

Malice-Flare2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

they can lower the price before the 2011 holidays. i was not talking about the US launch...

zslash2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Ahh okay, it's a possibility I suppose. Personally I can't see it happening though - when a new platform is launched it is never discounted within the first year of launch. That'd only happen if sales tanked.

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