Sony expands legal action against new PS3 hacks

Sony has expanded its legal action against distributors of PS3 'jailbreak' modifications. Although the company's initial lawsuit targeted the owners of PS Jailbreak, recent court documents reveal that the battle has been expanded to include PSGroove, PSFreedom, and OpenPSJailbreak.

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squallheart3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

sorry saw the episode of tosh.0 XD

Anyway back on topic, I hope sony wins the case. Im no fan of piracy as it steals cash for the developers. Some might say who cares sony can take the hit but in all honesty no they cant and the worst to be hit will be small developers. People just use homebrew to justify the hack or exploit but we all knows these supporters just want to copy games. Try to be responsible for once and earn the money to buy the game, in the end it feels more satisfactory once you complete it. Good luck sony and all companies fighting piracy.

Dark_king3336d ago

they cant really win this.Your allowed to hack your console your allowed to make and distribute devices that allow you to.The only crime would be playing a game you don't own.This also means your allowed to hack the PS3 to install your game to the harddrive as long as you own the game.And I hate how everyone assumes people only hack something to play pirated games.I have several hacked PS3's with not 1 pirated game on them.I just wanted the GPU opened in linux.

DJMarty3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Your wrong, read your TOS.

Making and distributing devices that allow you to pirate software by Stealing Sony Software, reverse engineering and the use of any copyright code is illegal.

For starters without a proper paid Sony license, Sony would never approve such a device.