2K Sports Announces Top Spin Tennis for Wii

Loot Ninja just got official word from Take-Two Interactive that they are releasing Top Spin for the Nintendo Wii console. Top Spin on the Wii will be released in Spring 2008 and looks to be a natural fit with the Wiimote capabilities and will allow for up to four player tennis action on te same console, something tells me that 4 player action will lead to some people getting whacked.

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ItsDubC4100d ago

Table Tennis, Top Spin, Deca Sporta... the Wii racquet sports games are coming. The question is, which one can truly nail the control aspect?

taz80804100d ago

Yeah and it makes me wonder how seriously game developers are looking at the wii system. are they limiting the games for the wii to only those games that involve some kind of swinging of the wii mote, i.e. bowling, tennis, baseball, pretty much just sports games?

BrotherNick4100d ago

The wiimote is perfect for dokidoki majo shinpan >.>; Boob flicking can be a sport if you make it.

drunkpandas4100d ago

If they get the controls down good with the Wiimote, this game will be a hell of a lot of fun

4100d ago
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