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LordMarius2942d ago

Thats around $300. will probably be $250 in the states

EYEamNUMBER12942d ago

yeah it pretty much will be 250 here but the thing that has caught my interest is so far all these previous 3DS rumors have been wrong

qface642942d ago

yeah this pretty much confirms a 250 price outside of japan

still curious about game prices though

Millah2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Ugh, I really don't want to wait that long :(. But 250 is pretty much what I expected.

BrotherNick2942d ago

I'm guessing because the games are looking better plus 3d will make the games 40 dollars.

mikeslemonade2942d ago

I knew it was going to be $250-$300. Actually I thought it would be $300 because at $250 the Wii was priced too low and also it doesn't take much to make a Wii. A 3DS is more advanced considering it's in a smaller shell.

darthv722942d ago

what does is will the unit support play from SD cards? I have a dsi and while I have downloaded several games, you run out of room. I have a 1gb SD card I copy the ones I dont play frequently to. However, it is my understanding that it doesnt support play from SD cards which is a bummer. At least they addressed that on the wii by making the games temporarily copied to the system memory from the SD card.

Nice that they would include a 2gb SD card with the pack. I would love to know if I could take my existing SD card from the DSI and play the games on the 3DS rather than have to download them again. I dont think there is any type of account system on the DSI so that if yours broke you could get another one and then not have to buy the games all over again. They would be tied to the user not the unit.

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PR0X12942d ago

They would sell them all without any problems.

I will wait for sony to make there PSP2 move before I get the 3ds.

NLGSean2942d ago

Yes I totally agree... $250 in the US... And I am willing to pay $250... Very impressed with what I have seen so far... I am willing to bet that the games will also be in the DS range ($30-35)...

headwing452942d ago

25,000 yen is 298$... so its gonna be 299.99

Imperator2941d ago

As much as I want a 3DS, $250 would be way too much. That's just $50 less than a PS3, and a Ps3 can do MUCH, MUCH more. I'll wait till it drops to $199 or less.

MAR-TYR-DOM2941d ago

You pay a premium for a handheld. Besides the point, people will pay what they want, even if it makes no sense. Why do you think so many turds in this world drop 700$ on an iphone4? Do you go to them and say, " you could have bought 2 ps3's with that much money?" You dont cause the people who buy that stuff are uneducated!

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Valay2942d ago

Wow. Not even out in one territory this year? Jeez...

eagle212942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Nintendo knew gamers would import like crazy, decreasing japanese units. :)

soul899er2942d ago

So The Tag Mode seemed to be a big focus in this lol Japan has hotspots and stuff, but in the states we don't have so many.... Idk how this feature would be at it's fullest potential here

N4g_null2941d ago

LOL you know what you may be right the yen is over valued right now and domestic sales would be way more profitable.

Snake eater, icuras, and SSft3d says your getting one. This thing crushes the wii and it has nintendo exclusives lol.

Oh yeah it crushes the psp also... The improvments over the 3ds are going to be small from the sony camp.

fatstarr2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

it would have been the most devastating Christmas ever.
but it makes it look newer if the product comes out in 2011

249.50 to go till march.

KratosGirI2942d ago

Well, time to save up some cashola!

CrzyFooL2942d ago

Woo hoo!! Virtual console, GBA, and 3d!! its a win!!

wwm0nkey2942d ago

Im pretty sure it will be $250 in the states, day 1 buy either way here

Spydiggity2941d ago

as much as i'd like to believe this is going to be the next great handheld, i'm going to reserve my decision to buy early based on the quality of the launch titles (and the ones that follow). if nintendo has shown me anything, their launches are usually lackluster. then after a few months, we'll get a couple good titles followed by tons of shovelware. i def wanna see some of these announced titles, and i'm sure some will be great; but after years of reckless game spending, i've learned a quite a few lessons about early adoption.