The Last Story release date announced

Nintendo has just announced the release date for Mistwalker's upcoming RPG.

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na-no-nai2944d ago

hope it come to the u.s.a and to the rest of the world!!!

stragomccloud2944d ago

Really hoping this and Xenoblade(Monado) comes stateside.

I've been playing Xenoblade(freaking expensive to import by the way), about 20 hours in, and it's freaking awesome. Still, my Japanese isn't perfect, so while most of the time, I'm ok, sometimes, I just have no freaking idea what anyone is talking about. Want a North American localization though. Hoping for Japanese audio too. The voice of Danban(ダンバン)is the same voice as Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. How cool is that?

Still, I'd settle for a dub.... in that case I could probably even get my hands on an undub version later on.