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qface642969d ago

oh ok i see the difference
i think

EYEamNUMBER12969d ago

well the slide pad is a different color

btw does anyone know when this conference thing starts?

SilentNegotiator2968d ago

No second analog added. I am disappoint, Nintendo.

darthv722968d ago

did any of their games need one?

SilentNegotiator2968d ago

Good idea, darth; let's not look into the future at all.

mistajeff2969d ago

i'm still baffled at the choice of one analog stick, after people have been ripping the PSP apart for the last few years over not having two analogs. it doesn't make any sense that they'd only include one. also, i don't think i've read a single article on the 3ds that calls the single analog into question, which baffles me further.

TruthbeTold2969d ago

and a touch pad? That's a bit of overkill. Especially for a company that has prided itself lately on having less complicated controls for it's devices. The 3DS will be fine with one I think.

sickbird2969d ago

ive never figured out how to hold a ds correctly, its so awkward to use the touch screen and d pad at the same time.

BrotherNick2969d ago

It does take a bit of practice, mostly the touchscreen for me is used as an alternate means to control my games, when I'm lazy in DQIX I use it all the time lol.

SilentNegotiator2968d ago

"Two analog sticks and a touch pad? That's a bit of overkill"

A gyroscope, accelerometer, 3D....that's a GIMMICK overkill.
Two analogs and a touchscreen would be the ultimate in control.

mistajeff2968d ago

i can see how in a modern (western) 1st or 3rd person game the analog could be movement and the touch screen w/ stylus could be used for looking around, i just feel like it'd be really awkward to hold it like that, and it'd be hard to access anything on the right side while you're using your right hand for the touch screen. i'm not one to say that every game needs to have the same control scheme, but those analog sticks can't be too expensive, and at least having the option for dual analog would open up a lot of possibilities.

anyway, im not saying it's gonna ruin all the games or anything (i love my psp and it's done fine with just one analog), you'd just think that after such rampant criticism of the psp that they'd have thrown a second cheap analog on there. but dual analog or not, the 3ds has really piqued my interest, and a decidedly more hardcore lineup of titles piques it even further. i doubt i'll buy one at launch but i could easily see myself getting one once the price comes down, assuming the quality of games is high.

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blumatt2969d ago

It's because people like to nitpick on the PSP when in actuality it's a great handheld. I completely agree that the 3DS should have been given a second analog. I seriously hope the PSP2 has two analogs. I'd like to see a PSP2 that's basically a Dualshock with a screen.

colonel1792969d ago

Left handed people like me are getting the Shaft! How are we supposed to play with the analog stick AND the stylus at the same time. I can't hold a pen with the right hand.

quantumriian2969d ago

The inclusion of the touch pad makes the need for a second analog stick null. Pick up a copy of CoD or Metroid on the DS for an example- except that the 3DS will use the analog stick in place of the d-pad/abxy buttons for movement- you simply slide around using the stylus to look around like a mini-mouse.

Wrong. The right stick is most often and efficiently used for camera-type controls and leaving it out means that your vision is restricted to your direction of movement (or simple variations thereof). I always thought that if Sony wanted to keep the PSP to one stick, it should have been placed on the right side to allow for divergent and simultaneous control (i.e. of character and camera) with the d-pad and stick- placing them on the same side obviously removed this possibility

100% agree- WTF! Like I said, the DS gives the ability to use either the d-pad or abxy for movement wheres it seems the 3DS will have a less ambidextrous interface. Oh well, I just saved 300 dollars for writing sinstra, non dextra
...or maybe they will release a 3DS(L)- Lefty edition! I'd dig that.

colonel1792968d ago

That would be awesome. It'd look weird, but totally functional. Too bad is very unlikely to happen

2968d ago
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