EU PSN Update LIVE - Includes Folklore Demo plus much much more....

The EU Playstation Network Store has been updated with lots of goodies hot off the Leipzip convention. The update includes:

UT3 Gamers' Day Trailer
Stranglehold Gamers' Day Trailer
**Folklore Exclusive Demo** For a LIMITED time
Warhawk Trailers (Multiplayer/Air/Ground/Trailer)
PSN Trailer from Leipzip
Playstation Eye Trailer from Leipzip
MGS4 Gameplay Demo from Leipzip
Heavenly Sword Nariko Trailer
Snakeball Trailer

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Meus Renaissance4078d ago

One demo that is getting low ratings, plus the usual tons of videos.

Meus Renaissance4078d ago

What is there to disagree about? Folklore did get low ratings for crying out. Seriously you people need to get some priorities straightened out. People will disagree with you, regardless if your right or wrong, as long as they dont like what you're saying

Lightning Mr Bubbles4078d ago

It hasn't been reviewed enough, and it did get one bad score, but it also got a good one. It got an 8/10 if I recall.

Plus I played the demo and it looks pretty simple but good.

thereapersson4078d ago

That was ONE review, and a rather shoddy one at that considering they reviewed the non-localized Japanese version. If we all based our gaming purchases off of ONE early review, I think gaming in general would be in trouble. Not that i'll even make a firm decision off of multiple reviews because I usually end up renting games in the end to see if I like them.

bottom line: let's see what a more rounded review approach nets us.

Marceles4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

What a follower...make up your own mind about a game instead of looking at one review, namely Eurogamer, and concluding the game sucks. Lol @ priorities straightened out, that's just being irresponsible. Do your research

techie4078d ago

Famitsu gave it 8's and 9's. The low score came from Eurogamer who don't speak Japanese - yet reviewed the japanese game. They said it was "boring" - yuh it would be if I didn't know what the [email protected] was going on.

Ps. this is an update in addition to the update tomorrow I believe :)

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

The Japanese demo, I'm honestly thinking about buying this game now. When before I thought it was crap. The Demo did not disappoint.

Now if only I understand what the characters are saying.

Other than that, this update is crap. Crappy videos. Is that the same MGS4 gameplay demo we already have? Probably...

Rama262854078d ago

I have to admit I got a bit excited when I saw all this new content. For one it's not Thursday, so it was unexpected for me, but because there was so much compared to the usual. True, it's mostly video's but that's not always a bad thing. I'm happy.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

"Includes Folklore Demo plus much much more...."

But once I clicked it, I saw it's not that much more. "Folklore Demo plus more" would of worked. Maybe much more, but much much more?

Rama262854078d ago

Lightning, mate, are you feeling a bit grumpy?? lol

Obviously it's your opinion you're stating, but I can't remember an update with so much content before. There is a total of 12 new things to download - that isn't that bad.

(Regarding the heading, I actually made a mistake and meant to have only one 'much' but it was approved within like 5 minutes so I didn't get a chance to correct it. It was originally 'MUCH' and I made a mistake changing it to lowercase 'much'. Sorry!!)

thereapersson4078d ago

You will now be able to understand the story and what is going on, unlike the reviewers at Eurogamer.

I wonder if this will be available to US PSN accounts on thursday, or if we'll just have to create EU accounts for the time being?

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The story is too old to be commented.