Lens of Truth - Head2Head: EA Sports MMA - Demo Screenshot Cpmparison

Lens of Truth writes "The demo that all MMA fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. The highly anticipated EA SPORTS MMA demo is now available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Now that the demo has arrived, we decided it was the perfect time to see which version is dominating the octagon so far. Below we revel some differences between these two fighters with some roll-overs images we gathered throughout the demo. Enjoy!"

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RudeSole Devil3334d ago

Wow the differences are clear.

T9X693334d ago

You know, when I played the 360 demo this morning when it first launched, I was like WOW these graphics are pretty impressive, I can't wait to see what it looks like on PS3. Then I played the PS3 version, and was like WTF is looks worse lol. To be honest, if I never played the demos, and only seen these screens and they didn't have the console logos on them, I would have thought the 360 version would be the PS3 version, that's how much better it looks.

Bricks3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

This is exactly why EA butters up PS3 gamers with the lure of Limited Editions and Extra Content. It's to make up for the sloppy job that they know they're going to do. I dont understand why they cant just take the time to make both versions identical.

edhe3333d ago

You must have your head buried to not realise that the 360 nigh-on always has the better looking multiplatform releases.

Which is why Bricks is right - you get extra free stuff instead of a well performing game.

paintsville3333d ago

Well I think that the clear differences that we're seeing here in these two games is due to the fact that the ps3 verstion may be using QAA and the reduced specular maps are probably due to the ps3's memory architecture which usually makes it difficult to render this kinda of texture, alpha, and the like. Still looks great on ps3 and most people that own a ps3 will never be playing it side by side with the 360 version.

corneliuscrust3333d ago

People can argue what looks best in a perfect world all day long. This helps to make the decision for multi console owners... but at the end of the day, no one is going to play the two side by side except to pick apart these kinds of differences

Enjoyment of the game in any case will not be affected whatsoever.

donkeydoo3334d ago

The Xbox 360 looks much better. EA blew this one.

Sea_Man3334d ago

Freaking games look the same... Take your Xbox glasses off!!

Nitrowolf23334d ago

i am not even a 360 fanboy and i can tell that the 360 version looks better. It isn't noticable in movement but in still shots you can notice there are more details on the skin of the character then on the ps3 version. Also in some shots it would appear the ps3 version looks like it has some blur or something.

Shogun Master3334d ago

I am sucker for the 360's spec mapping power. The game looks great.

fantasygamer3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

3rd party developers need to stop using quincunx on PS3 for anti aliasing that's what causes the blur effect on the textures and its awful looking.

wsoutlaw873333d ago

your definately wrong and being crazy but none of these differences make the slightest difference when playing and will not make me upset i have the ps3 version.

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ChineseDemocracy3334d ago

4 years later, and we're still seeing sloppy ports.

I find it incredibly pathetic that these guys can't get their sh*t together.

T9X693334d ago

Which is why my PS3 is used for exclusives only :)

That way I know the quality will great, and not have to take chances if there isn't a demo.

niceguywii603334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

It's PS3's hardware not sloppy ports the devs simply did not downgrade the graphics so the PS3 would be on par. Devs for a while catered to the lowest common denominator(PS3) by holding back 360 advantages or using PS3 as a lead eliminating the PS3 struggles with the 360 advantages to begin with.

Now the market is too competitive so developers make the best product they can disregarding PS3's lack of a ability to match the 360 due to competing games.

It's happening more due to the increased developer competition and the games and engines becoming more advanced.

I'd like to see Sony's PS3 developers and game engines on the 360(exclusives) to see the improvements. The more Sony developers come to the 360 the more you will see this Enslaved being the start.

The 360 is clearly the winner, lower resolution, missing detail and washed out color plus inferior lighting could have been much worse the devs did a good job considering the PS3's hardware.

If MSFT had more 1st party devs with powerful game engines tailored for the 360 instead of defacto multi platform engines the myth of the PS3 being more powerful would never have existed.
Of course MSFT started out trying to earn 3rd party support for the long haul when it comes to the 360 using multi platform engines and Sony started out trying to Shock and awe their way to the top using inhouse tools with the PS3.

GamerSciz3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

If you are suggesting that because of the hardware PS3 won't get as good looking as 360 then your the blind one. Truth is PS3 is better in some areas and 360 in others. However, the processing power of the PS3, when utilized properly, helps make up for the loss in graphics so in the end I would call it a winner. Look at the PS3 exclusive vs 360 exclusive. What games keep being known for Graphics king on consoles? Killzone 2, Uncharted and Uncharted 2, MLB 10 The Show, and of course Gran Turismo 5. Don't believe me? Check the images below. I dare you to find a single 360 game that looks better then even KZ2 let alone GT5. Oh and don't forget, KZ3 is looking even better...

All comprised of gameplay footage...

KZ2: http://blog.seattletimes.nw...


Uncharted 2(beat this..):

MLB 10 The Show:


KZ3: http://gamers-underground.c...

However, here the 360 screens do look better.

wsoutlaw873333d ago

@T9X69 those little defferences make that big of a deal for you?

@niceguywii60 do you actually believe your self when you talk

ArthurLee3333d ago

Unfortunately, it will most likely be like this for the remainder of the generation with any game less then "AAA" status. If EA (one of the biggest companies around) can't get it right then none of em will. And I don't even like EA.

Hallmark Moment3333d ago

PS3 exclusives would be higher rez and run better on 360 and have better color not to mention more detail. Stop with the port excuses it doesn't matter if the game is ported to PS3 or if the game was lead on PS3 then ported to the 360. It doesn't matter if a game is developed simultaneously with each platform being its own lead. Don't reply to me posting FF13 excuses that game was in development for PS3 for years then slapped together at the last minute on the 360.

Again don't dig a a game or two like FF13 defending PS3 when there has been close to a hundred other games rendering your defense and point moot.

Information Minister3333d ago

@ hallmark -
Can you, in your infinite wisdom, prove that any PS3 game would look better on the 360? You seem to know more than all the devs who actually make the games, so why don't you show us something to back up your claims? And how do you explain that the best looking console games are on the PS3? You say that FFXIII was slapped together at the last minute for the 360 and that's why it looks worse? And you really believe the same thing doesn't happen on the PS3 even more often? Bayonetta renders your defense and point moot.

The fact is that a radically different hardware architecture like the one on PS3 needs a radically different software coding to work. Just look at Ninja Gaiden 2 and the extensive re-engineering it got for the PS3. Do all devs have the budget or talent for such a task? Absolutely not, and that's were Microsoft did things really really right. If a game engine is developed for a PC-style architecture, it will nearly always look better on the 360.

edhe3333d ago

not sure if it's a shame or just funny that people still think the ps3 is the better platform after all the years of proof otherwise.

Yes the ps3 is holding back the 360 as companies spend more and more investment trying to make their version up to par on the ps3 instead of expanding what they can do on the 360 which is already more performant than games which are, from the start, led on ps3!

You'd think after 4 years, at least 2 leading on ps3 and with the 'superior tech' that the prophecy would eventually come true but no, it hasn't. The 360 is still the better games console.

Ju3333d ago

Hm, yep. All those ps3 exclusives would run better with higher res and more effects on the 360. That's why we see all those 360 exclusives which don't need to care to be compatible with the PS3 which blow those PS3 exclusives out of the water. me a Wake ? Oh, sh!t 540p... /s

n4gno3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Niceguy360, edhe, halmark (what a joke, despite all ps3 exclusives with far better graphics and technic than anything else on 360, they are believing that the 360 can compete) and others clowns trolliars are in full force each time a ridiculous screenshots comparisons article come (game in movement, with same hdmi and set up just look the same, or a little worst sometine for one or other).

Just accept the fact you are playing the inferior hardware, with way less great exclusives, no free online, no good motion controlers, no 3D, etc and comeback to reality with us.

by the way, it's really funny and pathetic to see each time the same donkeys crying "victoryyyyy" for ridiculous screenshots differences from crappy games (please santa claus, buy them a ps3, with just uncharted 1, they have to quit their imaginary world, only the biggest retards are talking in 2010 like before 2007) :)

edhe3331d ago

"Just accept the fact you are playing the inferior hardware, with way less great exclusives, no free online, no good motion controlers, no 3D, etc and comeback to reality with us. "

Inferior hardware which touts better performance.. so not inferior.
Less great exclusives... well that's just down to taste so being opinion, and not fact, it's not arguing. What i will say about it though is that the 360 exclusives are always breaking new ground, and not just graphically. Coop gameplay, game playback, GUI removal .. and that's just gears/halo/fable.
Kinect will be the more successful vs Move and the 360 does do 3d.

Oh yeah and my online service is bleeding edge for a console, can use it from the web, extends to all my friends on the web via msn and delivers streamed 1080p films whenever i feel like it.

Now come back to reality yourself, thanks.

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Soul Train3334d ago

Holy MMA! I'm not saying anything, the differences are clear.

Joe Bomb3334d ago

EA sucks...three years and they can't make a decent port.

donkeydoo3334d ago

There are multiple EA branches and EA Tiburon usually has sloppy ports.

ArthurLee3334d ago

"EA sucks...three years and they can't make a decent port."
and they have like a BAZILLION Dollars!!!!

Shogun Master3333d ago

The sweat looks almost as bad as WWE Legends of WrestleMania. Not good EA.

Tempjf3334d ago

Which in this case EA!!!

Iceballs3333d ago

Well it no Mafia II or Bayonetta but it still kind of sad to see such a drastic difference so many years after these two systems have been out.

edhe3333d ago

The common denominator in it all is always the ps3 ;)

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