GameInformer - Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Review

Tim writes, "Vampires surround Gabriel Belmont with hisses and bared fangs, lusting after his blood as he waits for the gate to slowly open. Sticky, pale skin clings to their gangly bones and huge tattered bat wings beat as they encroach. Gabriel swings his barbed chain whip widely, rending their flesh and repelling them towards enormous boarded windows."

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Jamegohanssj53339d ago

That's what I tell all of my prostitutes.


TheMutator3339d ago

i cant wait to the next week, dammit and the game is paid and collector arrrrrggggggggggg

Ahasverus3339d ago

Is an objective review. It calls its faults, but it admits that they by no means outweights its strenghts.

StanLee3339d ago

See I don't get it. I've played this game. If you read my comment history, you would know how tedious I think it is. I honestly can't understand how this game is getting such great reviews. I think Gametrailers has one of the most spot on reviews of this game. I just don't get how Dante's Inferno is a mediocre game, when this isn't.

crzyjackbauer3338d ago

i salute game informer
ign and gametrailers gave this game 8.0 and 7.5
they say the platforming is too hard not as smooth like uncharted or god of war

its a castlevania game its suppose to be hard

TheStorm3339d ago

Yea Game Informer, Giant Bomb, and Bitmob are usually objective and fair. I'm stoked for this game. The only thing, and I"ve said it before. Yes it is clearly taking from God Of War. But that's a good thing. Just like how Symphony of the Night took from Super Metroid. Some are making it sound like it's bad that it did this. But yet it's fun. So no problems there.

This clearly is going to be a expensive and busy few months. I mean this, Fallout New Vegas, Gran Turismo 5 (That will really suck my life away lol) Lots to do. My PS3 will be going around the clock for sure.

crzyjackbauer3338d ago

yeah rental
im going to rent it. blockbuster is going out of business soon
so i will rent it till they close the stores
and i get to keep it

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The story is too old to be commented.