Will this be the last generation of consoles?

This generation of gaming consoles is particularly interesting, especially when you take a look at the differentiating opinions coming from industry analysts around the world. While some believe the console will always be around, even in the wake of digital distribution and cloud-based platforms, others firmly believe that the current generation of consoles will be the last. But what do business and market trends tell us about this generation and the future for gaming? What can we come to expect, and will this truly be the last generation of consoles?

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Pedobear Rocks3334d ago

Nintendo will, for instance, always want complete control of the user experience from top to bottom. Sony too has so much invested in developers that I think it behoves them the make their own hardware. MS already outsources the majority of their games and makes their money off live...I could see them just giving a baseline hardware model to hardware companies to get 'xbox certified' and leave the hardware business.

Cevapi883334d ago

technology will never keeps improving on the formula that has brought them success....can somebody give me a broad piece of technology that has failed or a category...specific companies or products dont has to be a broad range, and i think that is impossible to find

ozps33333d ago

Certainly will be for Microsoft and the Xbox. The earnings MS makes of the Video games division is nothing compared to windows and office and shareholders and many other industry analysts are already saying MS should close the gaming division and focus on windows and office.

milohighclub3333d ago

no. sony are already having ps4 games developed

ATi_Elite3333d ago

Nintendo will always be forced to make a console and Sega might even re-enter the game to get the kiddie market.

I really see Microsoft moving to the PC with some sort of proprietary HDD and using DD for it's Xbox division.

Sony is almost forced to make a Console to promote it's business of media and TV's but I don't see Sony making anymore consoles after a PS4 because hell a PS5 would basically be today's mid range VAIO.

The reality is MONEY!! DD means no money to make media and media containers plus Walmart or who ever doesn't get a piece of that $60 with DD.

Everyone has or will have a computer so it's easier to just piggy back off of that.

and yes OnLive still sucks and has no future.

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jerryhu3334d ago

I believe the console will always be around

Myze3334d ago

Are you crazy? Have you not heard? Pachter said there wouldn't be another console cycle. Who are you gonna believe? Your own common sense (along with everyone else) or the great guru of our time (5% of the time, he's right every time).

Samus HD3333d ago

i don;t know about ps3 or 360. But nintendo is surely making a new console (and that must be a must buy:) )

Chris_TC3333d ago

That's a pretty childish way of looking at things.
Pachter didn't say there won't be another console cycle. He said that consoles will eventually die out, and that there's a chance we won't even see the next cycle, even though this is very unlikely.

Otheros003334d ago

The writer is an idiot.

Nitrowolf23334d ago

wow really think this is going to be the last gen of consoles?
I mean of course unless 2012 happens ( seriously don't start that shit here) MS, Nintendo, and Sony are already preparing for next gen of console.

colonel1793334d ago

doube facepalm..

Who writes this stuff? Nintendo and Sony have already talked a little bit about next gen consoles. Nintendo stating that the "next Wii" is going to amaze, and Sony saying that it will be designed by developers so it's easier for them to make the games.

MS hasn't talked about anything, because they are taking Kinect as their next console launch.

emil13334d ago

well i believe that x360 is last microsoft's console because they can't compete next gen with sony and nintendo. i mean

halo without bungie
no more gears of war exclusivity
ps4 will not be 200$ more expensive
probably no RROD-no multiple rebuyings like this gen
media will not bash ps4 like it did with ps3
probably no piracy

on the other hand sony and nintendo will release next consoles.

NateNater3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

No. You're just acting immature now. You may not like xbox 360 but you can't deny that all 3 consoles are doing good for themselves right now. Software and hardware sales for all 3 are doing just fine.

I think Nintendo will be the first to start the next gen of consoles this time because they need to catch up and make an HD console soon. Then Microsoft will release their next console followed by Sony with PS4.

The big 3 will all remain in the next gen. No consoles are dying.

DJKGBYF3334d ago

"probably no piracy."

That has got to me the stupidest thing I have heard all day. Piracy will always be around.

Microsoft doesn't need consoles to be successful. But they still have more than enough money to throw around to develop them, take a loss on them, and they would still be making money hand over fist.

nanometric3333d ago

I woudn't put much hope in that statement.

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