NIS America Poised to Announce New Title Next Week

NIS America has revealed all their games for 2010, but they will be announcing an all-new title very shortly. Previously, NIS America has made comments on Tales of Vesperia PS3, but nothing concrete ever was stated about publishing the title stateside. With the recent announcement of Disgaea 4 in Japan, the odds are in favor of the announcement being related to that or it could be something totally unexpected.

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golsilva2943d ago

probably disgaea 4 for us. the article mentions nis america wanted to localize tov for ps3 in the usa but thats unlikely.

Neckbear2943d ago

Disgaea 4 got announced RIGHT AFTER the D4 trailer in Japan.

So, not it. Either some awesome stuff or Atelier Totori.

Makidian2943d ago

It would be nice to get some of the older Atelier games on the Playstation Store, but whatever it is I hope it is worth the announcement of an announcement.